VR Treadmill Alternatives

VR gaming offers us awesome levels of immersion and interaction. With VR treadmills, we can physically move within virtual worlds, making the experience even more thrilling. 

However, traditional VR treadmills are often prohibitively expensive for most enthusiasts. In this article, I will explore cheap VR treadmill alternatives that deliver an immersive gaming experience without breaking the bank.

Benefits of VR Treadmills and What They Offer

VR treadmills offer more than just a gaming experience; they provide a way to combine physical activity with virtual worlds. 

Get a workout while exploring fantastical realms, fighting fierce battles, and completing quests. Exercise on these treadmills keeps users active and healthy.

Key Features to Look for in VR Treadmill Alternatives

When considering VR treadmill alternatives, several key features are crucial. Motion tracking technology ensures that your movements are accurately replicated in the virtual world. 

Compatibility with various VR headsets guarantees a seamless experience, regardless of your setup. Weight capacity and durability are also important considerations, as is adjustability for a comfortable fit.

7 Best VR Treadmill Alternatives

1. VR Saddle

VR Saddle
VR Saddle

The VR Saddle is a groundbreaking VR accessory designed to maximize limited play spaces while enhancing users’ sense of security during gameplay

It addresses a significant challenge faced by those using VR in smaller areas – accidentally colliding with objects or walls and damaging controllers. 

Thanks to Tony Boaker’s Kickstarter project, a potential solution and more budget-friendly alternative to a VR treadmill have emerged.

To install the VR Saddle, it needs to be screwed into the ceiling, though this can be a bit challenging if done solo, as I experienced. 

We found the experience of playing Beat Saber still very enjoyable using the saddle. For games involving walking around, such as Rec Room, collisions with walls and controller impacts were significantly reduced, keeping us within our play space.

Users equipped with cyber shoes might find even more possibilities with the VR Saddle.


  • On the positive side, the VR Saddle offers an affordable alternative to pricier options like VR treadmills. 
  • It’s also easy to disassemble and store, requiring minimal closet space. 
  • The saddle is remarkably fun and versatile, allowing for various entertaining experiences. 
  • Comfort-wise, I found it to be comfortable, though individual preferences may vary.


  • setting up the VR Saddle can be challenging, especially if attempted alone. 
  • Professional assistance or someone knowledgeable about installation would likely result in a smoother process. 
  • Adjusting the height is also a bit cumbersome, requiring precision to get it just right.

For those intrigued by this product, the Kickstarter page provides an opportunity to learn more or support the project financially. 

Donations, even as low as one dollar, can contribute to backing these innovative VR endeavors

2. WizDish Rovr VR Gaming Treadmill

WizDish Rovr VR Gaming Treadmill
WizDish Rovr VR Gaming Treadmill

If you’re wondering about how to navigate a VR environment, one innovative solution could be the “Whiz Dish Rover.” 

This device offers a unique approach to movement. Instead of physically lifting and running on your feet, you glide your feet along a highly slippery dish while wearing a special pair of shoes. 

The technology behind this concept is quite clever. Beneath the dish, there’s a microphone that connects to a regular computer. 

It detects the sound produced as you slide your feet, translating it into corresponding movement on the VR screen. This means you can navigate a virtual world simply by sliding your feet on the dish.

Having given it a try, we found the experience surprisingly immersive. It doesn’t feel like you’re sliding or lifting your feet, yet the sensation is convincing. 

The “Whiz Dish Rover” is currently available for purchase at a price of 400 pounds. It can be shipped internationally. 

A particularly exciting aspect is its compatibility with various VR systems. Moreover, the upcoming addition of Bluetooth connectivity will enable compatibility with gear VR and similar systems.

3. VR Gaming Chair

VR Gaming Chair
VR Gaming Chair

Virtual reality chairs are created to elevate user experiences, adding a profound dimension to the virtual realm. VR gaming chairs prioritize user comfort and autonomy while enhancing VR experiences.

Virtual reality chairs can reduce nausea and make in-game motions tangible. These chairs seamlessly sync with a player’s in-game movements, reducing discomfort.

A dedicated VR chair provides players extraordinary control over their head and body in the game.

A notable example, the Roto VR Chair, showcases a clever integration of a footplate and motor system. Users can effortlessly pivot their chair while immersed in gameplay utilizing this ingenious combination.

Finally, VR gaming chairs bring gamers into a seamless virtual-physical world. With these seats, you no longer have to deal with movement restrictions or comfort issues when participating in virtual reality.

4. VR Shoes

VR Shoes
VR Shoes

VR Shoes offer an innovative solution tailored to your needs making VR content more dynamic.. 

These portable and convenient VR accessories redefine VR locomotion, ensuring seamless and natural freedom of movement without constraints by mimicking natural human motion.

VR shoes bridge physical movement with digital engagement. Customizable fit ensures comfort for varying foot sizes, while wireless connectivity through a companion app enhances the experience. 

Omnidirectional wheel bases provide lateral motion and positional correction, while innovative positional centering keeps you in the center of your virtual game world.

Strap into the VR Shoes and embark on a journey of comfort and immersion. You can step in any direction, including sidestepping, for a natural feel. No harness is needed, as stability and safety are paramount. 

These shoes offer the sensation of walking on a gym treadmill while maintaining stability, courtesy of built-in safety checks in both hardware and software.

VR Shoes cater to various living spaces, requiring only a small area for play. Whether in your office or living room, you can enjoy an immersive experience within a limited play space.

The affordability of these shoes makes them an attractive option compared to other consumer VR treadmills, and their light and compact design ensures easy storage and transport.

VR shoes enable virtual reality exercising. These walking and running shoes allow the whole body to participate in games.

5. Lapwork VR Swivel Seat

Lapwork VR Swivel Seat
Lapwork VR Swivel Seat

Enjoy gaming and virtual reality without tripping or falling with the LapWorks VR Swivel Seat. This innovative accessory offers a safe and comfortable seating solution for your virtual adventures. 

You may easily spin 360 degrees while safely seated on the ground, ready to take on obstacles and explore online worlds. With this swivel seat, the thrill of distant worlds becomes more tangible and engaging than ever before.

The LapWorks VR Swivel Seat boasts 18 steel ball bearings for seamless rotation and a weight capacity of 250 pounds. 

This chair has a 1.5-inch stiff foam top that maintains its shape over time. Furthermore, the washable and removable slip cover ensures both comfort and practicality.

What sets the LapWorks VR Swivel Seat apart is its affordability, portability, and versatility. Unlike costly gaming or office chairs, this lightweight swivel seat is easily storable when not in use. 

Its portable design allows you to effortlessly pack it away in a cabinet or backpack, ensuring that your VR experience is never compromised.

Suitable for both hard floors and carpets, the LapWorks VR Swivel Seat features non-skid, non-scratch rubber pads for stability and grip. 

Even though a swivel seat can be used safely on a stationary chair or stool, extreme caution is advised.

LapWorks guarantees the VR Swivel Seat for life. This seat allows 250 pounds and offers a wide range of motion for 12+ year olds.

6. VR Mat

VR Mat
VR Mat

VR games sometimes demand players to move their bodies and make motions like reaching, ducking, and turning. The player could unintentionally bump into furniture or other items in the room as a result of these bodily actions, which could result in damage or harm.

VR mats reduce the risk of accidents and injuries by creating a designated, clearly marked area for players to move around in and providing a stable, slip-resistant surface, allowing players to fully immerse in the game and enjoy the fun and engaging gameplay.

A VR mat can act as a player’s physical barrier, preventing them from unintentionally leaving the allocated play area and possibly tripping or bumping into anything.

For games that demand a lot of movement, a VR mat can offer a more comfortable surface for the player to stand on for prolonged periods of time.

Some VR mats are made to work with specific VR systems and can help to increase the tracking accuracy of the system.

7. VR Racing Simulator/VR Cockpits

VR Racing Simulator
VR Racing Simulator

VR Racing Simulators or VR Cockpits provide an incredibly immersive and realistic experience for racing enthusiasts in a VR environment.

The system combines cutting-edge virtual reality technology with a physical racing rig to create an unmatched virtual racing experience.

A VR Racing Simulator typically consists of the following components:

  • Racing Seat: This seat offers a comfortable and supportive sitting position, similar to that of a real race car seat.
  • Steering Wheel and Pedals: Players can maneuver courses and control speed with precision using high-quality force-feedback steering wheels and pedals.
  • Virtual Reality Headset: VR headsets, often equipped with motion sensors, provide 360-degree views of the virtual racing world. VR headsets track head movement and display the virtual environment accordingly.
  • Audio System: High-quality headphones or surround sound enhance the auditory experience, allowing players to hear engine sounds, tire screeches, and other race sounds.
  • Cockpit Frame: This frame holds the racing seat, steering wheel, and pedals, ensuring stability and comfort.
  • Simulation Software: This type of software simulates racing with realistic driving physics, tracks, and vehicles.
  • Motion Platform (Optional): Advanced setups include motion platforms that simulate acceleration, braking, and turning motions.

VR Racing Simulators are designed to transport players into the heart of competitive racing, where they can feel every turn, sense G-forces, and immerse themselves fully in the environment. 

The experience goes beyond playing a game – it’s about experiencing real racing from the safety of a controlled environment.

It is a great way for racing enthusiasts to test their skills, learn tracks, and experience the adrenaline of racing.

Safety and Quality Concerns

While budget VR alternatives offer affordability, it’s essential to address concerns about safety and quality. Follow safety precautions when using these devices, and carefully evaluate the quality and potential risks associated with each option.

MarginalVR Final Verdict

The accessibility of VR gaming increases along with technological advancement. Affordable VR treadmill alternatives highlight how immersive experiences have become more accessible to all users, enabling more players to enter virtual worlds. Investigating these options allows you to embrace innovation and the future of gaming while also saving money.

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