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Marvel Iron Man PSVR Game Review (Feb 2023)

Marvel’s iron man VR game review: Hey everyone! We finished Marvel’s Iron Man VR on the PSVR! So this post is our final review of the VR game. In this post, we won’t spoil the main story, but we are going to describe the story using the description on the PlayStation Store.

We’ll also talk about our impressions of the gameplay mechanics, such as how the flying and combat feel, and analyze what a mission looks like without giving too much information about what these missions entail.

Hopefully, this gives you a clear overview of the superhero VR game and allows you to determine for yourself whether or not you want to purchase it! Please do stick around until the end of the article to see our recommendation.

Game Story Introduction

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a new PlayStation VR action/adventure game by Camouflaj. In this game, you suit up as the Armored Marvel Avenger Iron Man. The story is original and is set in a time where Tony Stark has retired from making weapons and instead creates technology to battle evil as Iron Man.

But Tony was targeted and repudiated by a mysterious hacker named Ghost – an anti-corporate activist, who repurposes the weapons of the old Stark Industries. Ghost attempts attacks on Stark’s corporate headquarters around the world, raising the stakes and setting up a confrontation.

The game was released on July 3rd, 2020, and to play the game, you need the PS Move controllers and the PS VR headset of course. Iron Man VR is a PlayStation exclusive, and you can buy the standard edition for 40 US dollars. There’s also a deluxe edition for 50 dollars that includes some in-game extras.

Story Thoughts

Let’s start with what we think of the story. The main story is fully narrated. Voice actor Josh Keaton narrates Tony Stark, and he does a fine job of portraying Tony, he actually reminds us of Tony Stark from the movies. We also thought all voice actors in this game did an excellent job.

Familiar characters will come by, and a new character is introduced named Gunsmith, who is an AI hologram, weapon specialist, and an exact copy of Tony Stark from his more reckless years. So you still kind of feel like you are interacting with Tony Stark in the game even though you play as him as well, which is interesting.

Iron Man’s origin is also covered a little and is familiar for those who already know the story. The campaign story is original, as we mentioned before. The story has a similar approach as you may recognize from Marvel’s superhero movies: so lots of action combined with comedy, and that makes it enjoyable throughout. Of course, it helps that Tony’s character is just very witty, and he will always have funny comments on everything that happens. If you like the movies, we think you’ll like the story in this game too.

Gameplay: Flying & Combat Mechanics

At the start of the game, you’ll get a tutorial, and straight away, you’ll suit up to learn how to fly. And we have to say, this feels incredible. It’s just like how we imagined flying in the Iron Man suit would be.

This is what you have to do. You hold the trigger buttons on the Move controllers to engage the thrusters, and by moving your arms beside you with your palms up, you can fly up. If you want to move forward, make sure the thrusters are aimed towards your back. Then to steer to a direction you want to go, you use a combination of hand movements and your gaze. 

It all felt very natural to us and easy enough to pick up. Soon you’ll also learn how to combat in the game, which mostly consists of punching and shooting. You have the familiar Iron Man repulsors that shoot energy from the palm of your hands. Then you have hidden weapon slots in your arms as well, which you can equip with different weapons that you can unlock later in the game.

This can be missiles or bombs, and you’ll get a special that you will probably recognize ;). All have distinct advantages, but we’ll leave that to you to discover. At some point, you have to figure out more intricate maneuvers, like shooting with one hand and flying with the other.

These things feel very satisfying to pull off. There is no doubt that the flying and combat mechanics are an absolute blast (pardon the pun) in this game. It feels well thought out and it just makes you feel awesome. Thankfully, these mechanics are a major part of the game.

Gameplay: Central Hub & Out-Of-Suit Gameplay

The game consists of 12 chapters, where each chapter usually begins with an introduction and briefing with Tony’s AI holograms that should give you an idea of what the next mission is about. After that, you will be free to explore Tony’s garage, which resides in his famous mansion in Malibu.

The garage acts as the central hub where you can prepare for your missions. Here, you can get upgrades for your suit or read up about enemies. In this garage, you are not wearing the Iron Man suit. There are several places in the game that have out-of-the-suit gameplay, and this is where the game is lacking in freedom of movement. In these places, you can only teleport to fixed spots. 

However, there are usually multiple points to discover per place at least, and there’s always something to interact with. You might find it fun to get that extra back story info. But, unfortunately, there isn’t more freedom to explore while on foot.

Gameplay: Missions & Objectives

But back to the missions, once you’re ready, you can pick a destination at a globe in the garage to start your mission. You will then be transported to a loading screen, which feels like an eternity (in reality, some are a few minutes). This can probably be optimized or is a PS4 limitation.

Not a huge deal, but there are so many that it does get us distracted. Thankfully, the devs do show game tips and a little bit of interaction here to make the waiting less boring. When finally loaded, you’ll be in a new destination, which can be different cities around the world. 

The missions start with a neat animation where the mask is put on your face, and the head-up display is loaded on-screen. This looks and feels cool every time. Especially since you’re wearing a VR headset and that makes it feel like you’re actually wearing the mask.

Once suited up, you are free to fly how you want. Every mission has sky combat, where it’s up to you to use your weapons effectively against various enemies. Most of them are drones, but there are ground units too. The combat can feel a little repetitive.

But the game keeps it interesting when you start to learn how to customize your suit to use the right strategy per enemy to be effective. And you have some freedom here. It’s just that if the thing you plan on doing, works, you feel epic. This is why sky combat is where we had the most fun.

There are smaller objectives to do during a mission, which are not very challenging as it’s very scripted. Though, it can make the mission feel a little different each time. And most objectives rely on how good you are with the flying mechanics, which is the most fun part of the game anyway. 

This, combined with some surprises, and the boss appearances are enough to keep the game interesting throughout. Some of the missions are more story-driven, some are more combat-focused. Most missions are in different locations. Only a few are in the same areas, which we didn’t mind at all as it lends well to the story.

The destinations you go to look good and feel grand, although we’ve seen better graphics and it would prob look better with a headset with a better display. At the end of each mission, your score gets calculated, and based on that; you earn a research. With research, you can craft new upgrades for your suit to help in your next missions.


Iron Man VR may lack a little in the immersion part. But we think that’s mostly because of the limitations of the PlayStation VR. For example, as you reach your objectives, you are almost always asked to turn back to the front of your play area to face the camera, unless you play differently, and you use snap turning, for example.

This warning message often reminds us of our real-life environment. But we don’t want to focus too much on PSVR limitations in this review because we’re impressed with what the devs have done even with these limitations. For example: surprisingly, when we’re flying and blasting around, we can comfortably turn 360 degrees without any warning messages or tracking loss, and that’s how we like to play the game!

We tried playing with snap turning too, but we didn’t like playing that way. Even though PlayStation doesn’t recommend turning away from the camera, it worked exceptionally well. We guess we are still impressed that this works so well with only one camera in front of you. The pro is that when we let ourselves turn 360 degrees, not only are we better at sky combat; it also makes it very immersive. 

It makes us forget that we’re flying standing up, even though Iron Man never does that in the movies. As we mentioned before, the out-of-the-suit gameplay is less immersive with the node-based teleportation movement. Still, it does help a little in these places that the voice actors do an excellent job and that the character animations made them feel life-like.


As for comfort, we are surprised at how comfortable the game is. There are a couple of comfort options in the settings; two vignette options: turn vignette and impact vignette. We had the turn vignette off and impact vignette on the low settings.

For turns, we had instant snap turns on at 45 degrees in case we needed it. And we never felt motion sick. Of course, this is very personal, but we do think the devs did a great job here. We were worried we might get sick from this game, especially when we bump into stones or buildings (which happened a lot). We felt fine, though.

Maybe it is because of the prominent heads-up display that’s always in your face when you’re suited up that may act as a countermeasure for motion sickness? We don’t know, but this is good.


So we only played the campaign mode, which took us a little less than 7 hours. However, we’re sure you can spend more time in this game as we did not unlock everything, like the suit upgrades. In between missions, you can dive back into levels to do extra challenges. This can be flight or combat trials that reward you with more research points.

We didn’t do that because we wanted to finish the story for this review. At the end of the main story, more challenges are added for you to explore as well. we’re still not bored of the game yet, so we’ll probably jump back in some time to check that out. 

Summary & Conclusion

We think the game’s core mechanics with the flying and the sky combat are very well done to conclude this article. We did wish that the parts on-foot, so without the suit, were as well thought out though.

However, as flying is the thing that you do the most in the game and probably is what you want the game for, it makes up for what it lacks and keeps the game entertaining all the way through. So, it is not perfect, but in our opinion, the developers did a great job at making a fun and well-paced story-driven, action-adventure game.

So we think Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a game that any fan of the Armored Avenger would enjoy. Go check it out if you doubted it.


How long will Iron Man VR be?

Around 10 hours. According to the results, Payton reports that the expected playtime would be approximately double that of the initial estimate. Players will get a complete Tony Stark tale and immersive gameplay if Iron Man VR’s campaign is about 10 hours long.

Is Iron Man VR worth it?

However, considering the progressive problems and re-used material of Iron Man VR, the technological VR output made here worth to be celebrated. Iron Man VR is probably one of the best uses of PSVR technology we’ve tried, despite its frustratingly long and frequent loading screens.

What comes in the Iron Man VR bundle?

Two PlayStation® Move motion controllers, a PlayStation® VR headset, a Marvel’s Iron Man VR Blu-ray disc, Demo Disc 3.0, and a PlayStation® camera, are included in the package. In the original Iron Man adventure, put on the PlayStation VR headset to take on the role of Armored Avenger.

When does iron man VR come out? 

Iron man VR release date is July 3, 2020

Is Iron man VR on oculus quest?

Maybe No. It’s a PSVR exclusive.

How many chapters is Iron Man VR?

Total of 12 chapters.

Is Iron Man VR an open world?

Iron Man VR isn’t an open-world game, but the developers have taken steps to make it feel that way.

How many GB is iron man VR?


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