nfinadeck Omnidirectional VR Treadmill

Is Infinadeck Omnidirectional VR Treadmill a Dead Project? (Feb 2022)

Infinadeck Omnidirectional VR Treadmill Review: With the huge popularity of virtual reality, people are getting more connected to it. With the help of just a VR headset and controller, anyone can enter the virtual world.

So why VR accessories like the Indinadeck Omnidirectional VR treadmill is here? And what makes it different from Gym or home exercise treadmills? Let’s know everything in detail.

In short, they are here to make our VR experience much more comfortable allowing us to explore the digital world from a small room. Read more on the best 360 Omnidirectional VR treadmills.

Virtual Reality Treadmills are costly and many of them are in the development process to work perfectly. But Best VR Mats are a cheap alternative to omnidirectional treadmills.

What is Infinadeck Omnidirectional VR Treadmill?

The Infinadeck is a VR omnidirectional treadmill and VR running pad that allows users to walk around in 360° directions and get full immersion within the VR environment.

Infinadeck is one of the also best VR treadmills for VR gaming. The Infinadeck omnidirectional treadmill is seen in the Ready Player One movie.

Many people are thinking the company is not actively working on the VR walking treadmill. But it’s not true, they are working hard to make the VR device more enjoyable.

This VR running pad or VR walking platform employs a moving floor, allowing users the ability to naturally walk in any direction in the virtual world as well as the real world.

The Infinadeck VR walking system delivers a totally personal virtual experience when combined with a VR headset, allowing users to travel across huge, immersive new worlds.

Turning on the Infinadeck feels more natural since you have the friction of the surface beneath you to help you turn like you would in a normal turning gait. 

Stopping is also improved, and it’s now significantly more responsive than prior generations of the 360° VR treadmill, as the VR running platform gently slides you back to the center and stops you there.

The bottom treads move in both the x and y axes, giving you the sense of being able to walk around freely. The Vive Trackers will allow you to move in 360° while being tracked. 

The sensors can determine where you are in the virtual environment and use that information to recreate your physical height.

However, there are numerous obstacles to overcome with any prototype. By no means is the Infinadeck perfect yet. This can be called a VR standing platform.

The Infinadeck developer team will need to come up with more tracking options, which does not seem to be too far away. 

All the team needs to do now, according to Destin, is tweak some mathematics and coding to get to the commercially viable solution that the Infinadeck team is looking for.

The Infinadeck, unlike other previous 360° virtual reality treadmills, is an active, rather than a passive, solution to the problem of VR locomotion.

Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill Features

  • 360-degree moving floor for natural movement
  • Active wireless control system
  • No special equipment or hardware required
  • Native Integration With Your VR software and hardware
  • Link multiple units for shared experiences like game play, training, or collaboration
  • Easy to use for all ages
  • Cost effective patented solution
  • VR UX/UI for use with developed content

What Are the Uses of Infinadeck VR Treadmill?

Entertainment centers, military, and government applications, and any VR entertainment or training experience that requires realistic movement over ground larger than a few feet in any direction.

The element of motion is essential for VR training to be realistic and immersive. Infinadeck makes an innovative full motion-based VR treadmill that may be used in entertainment, business, military, and research settings.

1. Healthcare

Whether a patient is recovering from an accident, a sporting injury, or improving the condition of a chronic illness, the Infinadeck VR walking platform can help improve their rehabilitation experience.  

Immerse patients in order to heal both their bodies and minds.

Measured medical rehabilitation: Impact the time it takes to recover from an injury or a debilitating condition, as well as the data needed to properly support progress.

Improved balance skills: This VR running pad helps to Improve balancing abilities while moving at their own speed with proper use and supervision.

Increased patient confidence: An environment that boosts confidence by allowing them to walk freely.

Measured patient outcomes: As recovery times drop drastically, measure and see the benefits.

Controlled medical research and development: In a controlled 8′ x 8′ space, perform natural movement research. Remove the need for complete rehab rooms and costly structural upgrades.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare Rehabilitation:

The Infinadeck is a one-of-a-kind virtual reality rehabilitation and diagnostic tool for a wide range of medical applications.

The Infinadeck is a digitally connected device that allows the patient to coordinate controlled and monitored motion in both the virtual and physical worlds.

An onsite or remote therapist or clinician can create a personalized and safe rehabilitation routine for the patient, track their progress in real-time, and observe what the patient is seeing using the best VR headsets and computer output.

2. Military & Government

Increase the depth and efficiency of your training.

The expense of running these important exercises is greatly reduced when real-life combat simulation is moved into virtual reality.

Military training: Imagine a whole squad of soldiers practicing together, walking smoothly as if they were in a live circumstance.

First responder training: Train first responders in difficult urban environments where they are fully immersed and mobile as if they are in a town or entering a dangerous environment.

Human performance research: Measure heart rate, breathing, stress, anxiety, and other physiological responses to various stimuli in controlled settings.

Firefighter training: Enter potentially dangerous situations without risking injury.

Injury or PTSD Rehabilitation: Work with individuals to significantly shorten the amount of time it takes them to recover and return to the positions for which they were trained.

Logistics training: Individuals will be trained for cargo loading in planes, ships, and other vehicles, with the added benefit of real mobility.

Military VR Training: Consider warfighting exercises for an individual, a fireteam, a platoon, a squad, or even an entire company.

The digital features of Infinadeck enable real-time communication with other soldiers as well as a completely coordinated and synchronized training environment.

PTSD Rehabilitation: Infinadeck’s natural locomotion platform could provide PTSD patients the confidence to walk at their own pace, accelerating their recovery.

3. Enterprise Training

Enhance experiential learning through natural walking rather than “teleporting.”

True locomotion capabilities of the Infinadeck significantly improve the immersive and learning experience for Enterprise Training. 

Experiential learning, enhanced with virtual reality, has emerged as the most effective method of learning. 

According to studies, learning through a VR-enhanced experience improves learning quality and retention by 75-90%.

High Consequence VR Corporate Training: Employees can avoid damage or more serious consequences by properly navigating high-risk locations like oil rigs, boiler rooms, substations, and refineries.

Warehouse VR Employee Training: Train your employees by having them walk through a virtual warehouse.

Increase Customer Service: Increase employee mobility to ensure that they are appropriately trained to provide excellent customer service.

Logistics Training: Employees should be trained for challenging logistical responsibilities. 

Virtual reality training can help your employees in a variety of situations. Employee training in virtual reality is as near to real-life scenarios as you can get. 

Your employees will be able to experience almost any circumstance at work while being safe with the Infinadeck. 

It can be used to teach employees how to interact with clients, work in a warehouse, and much more.

Operational Efficiency: Virtual reality is changing business job training. A VR or Mixed Reality platform allows employees to learn more quickly and retain information for a longer period of time. 

True locomotion from Infinadeck increases the VR training experience by providing natural walking in any field, including retail, construction, manufacturing, energy & utilities, automotive, aerospace, and transportation, to mention a few.

4. Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Get to know your projects on a personal level. Show off your vision in ways you’ve never seen before.

By using Infinadeck to connect you with your clients, as well as your design and construction partners, you can save a significant chunk of your project’s review and design budget.

Infinadeck adds mobility to your VR construction and design for a genuinely lifelike immersive experience.

The concept reveals: Early in the process, gain client buy-in with a completely immersive VR construction/design experience.

VR design reviews: Real-life reviews prior to construction can help you avoid unnecessary delays and cost overruns.

VR engineering reviews: Examine and revise complex and elaborate engineering designs before putting them into action.

CAD to VR conversions: Bring your CAD to VR conversions to the next level with genuine mobility.

Real-life Walk-thrus: With virtual reality, you can provide your clients lifelike experiences to help them visualize your designs.

With Infinadeck, your clients and potential clients may enjoy a completely new design and construction experience. 

They can walk through the project using VR technology in design and construction. This allows students to see and feel what the construction site is like, almost as if they were there!

VR Design Reviews: Complex virtual or mixed reality projects can be walked through and collaborated on by groups. 

Clients may check on the status of large-scale and complex projects without having to pay for an onsite inspection or following complicated designs.

Business Development/Sales: Professionals can employ design and presentation tools, as well as Infinadeck’s immersive capabilities, to present a number of life-like design options to potential clients, resulting in a highly persuasive sales presentation.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate: Clients could filter through dozens of houses or commercial leasing options in the same day with Infinadeck’s immersive and natural walking technology, saving time and money.

These direct and immediate comparisons will establish a new market benchmark for modern real estate ventures.

5. Gaming & Location Based Entertainment

Step into an unparalleled experience with the Infinadeck gaming treadmill – the best VR walking, running, and gaming platform.

Add mobility to gaming: Get rid of teleporting and play your games the way they were supposed to be played.

Immersive experience: Fully immerse in your experience

Experience multiple users: Connect with people from all over the world as if they were in the same room.

Business development: Allow potential clients to experience your ideas while they are still in the concept stage.

6. Research & Education

Experiential learning can be used to boost academic environments. Explore historical civilizations or immerse yourself in graphical simulations that include natural motion.

With VR education and research tools, you can learn a lot of useful knowledge. The company offers one of the best virtual reality education and learning tools on the market.

It can be employed in a variety of settings, including the military, government, healthcare, and corporate training. The following is a list of just a few of the ways Infinadeck can help you.

Retail research: With this VR teaching solution, you can track client reactions and experiences as they go through various virtual worlds.

Pedestrian movement: To ensure optimal safety designs, investigate how people move in high-traffic locations.

It is vital to keep people secure. You’ll be able to plan and design different regions exceptionally well using the Infinadeck in order to keep people secure.

Human interaction: In a controlled setting, study and measure human interaction in a variety of circumstances.

You’ll be able to observe people’s reactions in a variety of settings and apply that knowledge to your training.

Immersive research: Manipulate surroundings in ways that are either impossible or too expensive in the real world.

Real-life experiences: Measure the time it takes for people to get out of burning buildings, fires, or other stressful situations.

There are few things in life that can compare to direct personal experience. You get exactly that with the Infinadeck!

Your employees will be able to observe what it’s like to face real-life challenges in real-time. That type of information cannot be substituted.

The billions of dollars invested in virtual reality in the gaming business are now being used to further science, research, and education.

The possibilities in this area are infinite, and the introduction of true, natural walking will just add to them.

7. Fitness

In an open-world scenario, you can exercise and explore. Fitness Anywhere, Anytime Through VR Fitness.

Many VR fitness applications benefit greatly from the use of a VR platform, as unique scenarios, speeds, and immersion allow for more entertaining and demanding workouts.

Run a marathon: You will be able to totally immerse yourself in a marathon while sitting in your living room.

Hike a trail, anywhere: In Thailand, California, Vermont, and other places, you can run on a trail. from the comfort of your own home or gym

Walk-in any park: Walk across Central Park, Hyde Park, or anyplace you wish with a friend who lives in another country.

Explore all national parks: From anywhere in the world, visit National Parks, Museums, and National Monuments.

Unite with friends: Bring your best friends from different places together on a daily or weekly basis for an exciting walk or run while talking amongst yourselves as if you were all together.

Infinadeck VR Running Pad Price

You may be thinking what will the Infinadeck VR treadmill price? Before seeing the Infinadeck cost you should consider all its benefits and uses listed above.

Customers are contacting Infinadeck directly to inquire about purchasing its omnidirectional treadmills, which typically cost from $40,000 to $60,000.

According to CEO Ken Bossung, many clients are purchasing decks for medical rehabilitation and research. More details here on the Infinadeck Official website.

Difference From Other VR Walking Platforms

  1. Natural Movement & walking in any direction.
  2. Globally Available (the compay claims).
  3. Linkable Framework: Multiple units can be linked together for training, collaboration, and play.
  4. Plug & Play: VR hardware and software are seamlessly integrated (Fully integrated for any VR experience)
  5. Easy to Use.
  6. Active Control: User movements are instantly responded to by wireless control.