How To Watch Virtual Reality Videos On PC

How To Watch Virtual Reality Videos On PC (Jan 2023)

How To Watch Virtual Reality Videos On PC: You could be watching a movie in a virtual movie theater instead of on your laptop or puny 60-inch TV.

Instead of watching 2D videos, why not watch 3D 360-degree videos that put you right in the action?

Would you like to watch VR360 videos on your computer, but have no idea how? Many people face this problem. You can now watch 2D, 3D, VR180 – 360 videos on your PC.

You can watch VR movies on almost any device, including Mac, in the following article.

What Types of VR Videos You Can Enjoy on PC or Mac

Virtual reality can be used to see movies in many ways. Although some are more immersive than others, they are all interesting ways to watch a movie.

Full VR Video

Imagine a movie that combines 3D with 360-degree performance. The experience becomes an entire VR experience.

In addition to offering the depth of a 3D video environment, you can pan around your perspective, making it a completely immersive virtual reality experience. It does not get better than that for VR film adventures.

The videos are a bit more difficult to locate, so there isn’t too much information yet to choose from.

If you wish to watch 3D movies on your screen or with a VR headset, you will need to check whether the film is anaglyph or not. If it appears on your screen, you can pan using your mouse.

3D Video

In the theaters, 3D movies never took off, but in VR, they have a loyal following. By using 3D, the whole experience becomes more realistic. Pricing is very affordable, which makes 3D videos very common.

On Youtube, you can find 3D movies by browsing or searching for 3D films. Additionally, you can purchase DVDs or Blu-rays of some movies in 3D.

The effect of 3D can be created in various ways, such as side-by-side video, anaglyph, or Over Under. VR headsets are recommended for SBS and More Under, which have two different displays.

For Anaglyph videos to be viewed on your PC, you need 3D glasses (red and cyan). Anaglyph movies are technically SBS that can be viewed in Anaglyph. The key is whether the movie is anaglyph or not.

Using a VR headset, you can watch a 3D movie as if you were at a movie theater. However, it is also possible to watch videos in 3D without a VR headset. 

Routine 2D Video

It does not matter if the movie was made for VR or not. You can stream regular 2D videos, or obtain them from a DVD or Blu-ray.

It’s not inherently unique or different to watch these videos in VR. So why should you? you might ask.

VR headsets can play routine 2D movies in a theater demo mode. The experience will be like watching a couple of pops in a theatre or like having a 100-inch TV in your living room.

180 or 360-degree Video

The uniqueness of digital reality begins when you start creating 180-degree or 360-degree videos. The digital universe around you gives you a greater sense of being at a movie as you turn your head or pan around, but that movie is still in 2D.

Many live-action movies offer 180- and 360-degree functionality, which might seem impossible in video games with CGI.

As with an average movie, you can alter what you see by watching the shot, but you cannot move around.

In the movie, you may drive a vehicle in the future. A standard video would show the windshield unless the videographer switched cameras.

You can check any location outside or in your car when you view a 360-degree movie.

You can also “watch” 360-degree images. These are all panoramic images that can be moved around. The images don’t have any sound or movement.

You can watch 180- and 360-degree movies on your PC screen or with a VR headset. These provide an enhanced and more natural viewing experience.

What You Will Need Watch VR Videos

  • You will need a PC or Mac computer. You may also need optional accessories.
  • Anaglyph 3D glasses are optional.
  • VR headset that connects to a PC or Mac, such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, is optional.
  • VLC, Kolor Eyes, Vive Video, Whirligig, and Virtual Desktop are optional applications.

How to Watch Virtual Reality Videos on PC or Mac using Your Monitor

In the absence of a VR headset and if you do not feel like spending hundreds of dollars, you can simply use your PC, monitor, and mouse. Depending on the type of VR video you want to watch, there are various methods for watching the movies.

Virtual reality does not apply to 2D films. A VR headset is required if you want the VR experience.

You can view 3D, 180/360-degree, and full VR videos on your PC. Although it is not as immersive, you will still have plenty of fun exploring this virtual reality world. It depends on where you watch the movies and what the type of film is.

How to Watch 180/360° Videos on PC or a Mac

Below are the steps to see 180 or 360-degree movies on your computer or Mac.

1. Try finding the movie on YouTube or another streaming website and play with it.

2. In order to play a 360° video document, you will need a video player that supports 360° video. Kolor Eyes and VLC both support 360-degree movies and are PC and Mac compatible.

If you have a newly updated version of Windows, you can still use the native Windows video player.

Notice: Kolor Eyes and the native Windows player will be able to handle 360-degree movies in VLC format. The native Windows player may be needed if the 360° videogame isn’t available.

If the movie is available in Windows, click on the three dots at the bottom and choose 360 videos.

3. Your video will start as soon as you install the video player of your choice.

Right-click on a movie to pan it across your 360-degree video. Move the mouse while holding the button.

How to Watch Full VR Videos on Your PC or Mac

Watching full digital reality videos on your computer or Mac will require the same steps outlined above.

Once you have read over the 3D movie requirements as well as 180/360-degree movie requirements, you are ready to go.

How to Watch 3D Videos on Your PC or Mac

On your computer or Mac, you can view 3D movies following the steps below.

1. Identify whether it is anaglyph 3D TB or SBS. You can watch anaglyph films on your screen if the film is anaglyph. Otherwise, you need a VR headset.

2. Get anaglyph glasses. Check your local shop; alternatively, you can find a relatively cheap pair on Amazon.

3. When you are watching it on Youtube or any other streaming site, be sure to select Anaglyph from the 3D configurations (the gear icon to the right of the movie) ).

4. You’ll need a video player that can play 3D videos if you have a video document. VLC is a free, secure, multi-platform, 360-degree video player that is available for PCs and Macs, and it allows almost any type of video to be played.

A superb choice is Kolor Eyes (GoPro VR Player), which is compatible with both PCs and Macs.

5. Put your glasses on.

How to Watch Content on a Headset from a PC or Mac

A VR headset is necessary if you want the full VR experience. The VR experience will be more immersive and allow you to pan around 360-degree videos by simply turning your head like in real life.

VR headsets allow you to watch all types of videos. A 3D video can only be in SBS or Over Under, not anaglyph. Below are instructions for watching VR videos.

  1. The headset needs to be connected to your PC or Mac.
  2. Next, you’ll need a video player app. With the Viveo Video App, HTC Vive users can use it on the Vive and Oculus Rift. A good alternative is Whirligig. Additionally, Kolor Eyes (mentioned above) is compatible with Oculus Rift. The virtual desktop option is also an alternative if you’d like to do more than watch videos and play games with your headset. Note: Allow the option to enable unknown sources if you have the Rift. In this way, the Oculus Rift can accept apps from outside the Oculus Store.
  3. Start the video player on your headset.
  4. Go to the video and play it. Using different apps requires different steps, but all of them are intuitive. As well as playing video files, Virtual Desktop, Whirligig, and Vive Video support streaming services like Youtube.

Top 10 Desktop VR Players Review

1. Kolor Eyes (GoPro VR Player)

Almost all VR player users are familiar with the fact that this VR player is a free 360-degree video player available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and HTML5.

This allows users to play with 360-degree videos on their PCs and interact with them. In addition to VR movies, you can watch movies online by simply connecting your Android and IOS devices to your VR headset.

2. Codeplex VR player

Video VR player is a popular program among Oculus Rift users for playing virtual reality videos. In addition to playing VR videos, the VR player can also play 3D/2D videos. You do not have to worry about its price because it can only be purchased at a very low cost.

3. LiveViewRift VR Player

VR viewers recognize and consider this player to be one of the best VR video players.

You can enjoy media even while your eyes are in the camera because it has field of view correction functions and power distortion. It is also possible to customize the view pitch, field of view, and various mapping functions.

At this point, you can download it free for Mac and Windows, but not for Windows 10.

4. Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player

This is a free but high-quality VR video player that offers optimized live-action videos on Mac or Windows.

With this best VR video player, you can now immerse yourself in nonlinear narratives and soundscapes once you put your VR headset on.

Furthermore, it is also compatible with Android, IOS, MAC OS, as well as Windows 10/8/7. You can also use it to view VR videos on the web, making it more interesting to use. It isn’t expensive at all.

5. RiftMax VR Player

There is more to RiftMax than just a VR video player that plays 360° videos. This allows you to interact with your friends and take part in parties or watch movies together despite the distance between them.

RiftMax also is able to enhance video with good visual effects that come across the screen.

6. SKYBOX VR Video Player

Its best feature is that it can automatically recognize video formats when you play VR videos through SKYBOX VR Video Player. This format can be set for 180/360/2D/3D videos.

Additionally, it supports a 4K video. The video can be streamed over the same network. There is no charge. If you own a rift, you can keep it. No worries!

7. VR Player

Using this VR player, you can create an immersive viewing experience. The language learner can also load subtitles when watching a foreign movie. 4K video is also supported.

You can open videos from YouTube and Dropbox URLs without downloading first, so your device’s storage is always available. Select this one to start VR playback.

8. Opera VR Player

Opera is not just a browser, but you can also use it to watch VR players. No third-party software is required. Simply plug in your headsets to get started.

When you open a video, the Opera VR Player will automatically convert it to the correct format. VR settings are also not required. You can use it if you already use the Opera browser.

9. Magix

Magix is a free VR player. You can play VR videos using it. No VR hardware is required. The speed of the wireless transfer from Photostory Premium VR to VR-X Player is really fast.

Windows-compatible, so don’t worry about compatibility. You should give it a try.

10. Simple VR

With an intuitive interface, Simple VR is very easy to use. With simple controls, you can play, stop, and pause VR videos. You can customize your VR settings. You can make 180° and 360° videos.

In addition, it has a Super Enhanced mode to enhance VR video fidelity, contrast, and details. Choose this VR video player if you want to have more controls.


Using a PC or Mac to watch VR videos has never been easier. In addition, we provide information regarding VR videos for new ways to learn about them.

Virtual reality movies, such as VR180, are more popular than 360-degree videos due to their low bandwidth requirements for displaying images from low and streaming camera sources.