Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

A second-generation VR treadmill, the Virtualizer Elite 2, offers an exciting new VR experience for gamers.

This is the second version of Cyberith’s virtualizer, which was first released a few years ago and has received considerable hype ever since. 

Virtual reality locomotion is offered by the VR Walking platform. A virtual treadmill might be a better term.

Virtualizer ELITE 2 – Second Generation VR Omnidirectional Treadmill

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2
Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2
  • Easy to walk
  • Pleasant physical effort
  • Suitable for everyone

Virtualizer Elite 2 VR Running Pad Features

  • Less Physical Effort
  • Fastest Learning Curve
  • Easy Gait for Everyone
  • Updated Harness System (2020)
  • Fits all body heights
  • The Motion Sensors
  • The Rotation Sensor
  • The Height Sensor
  • Crouch & Duck Down
  • Cable Guiding System
  • Vibration Unit
  • Automatic Safety Function
  • Extra Strength & Durability
  • High-Class Workmanship and Materials

Applications of Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

  1. Research and Development
  2. Entertainment
  3. Training and Simulations etc.

What does Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 offer?

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2
Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Virtualizer Elite 2 lets you move around while playing VR games. Physically moving around the platform while interacting with your game is possible. 

You can also adjust your rotation in addition to changing directions and speeds. A trip to VR Days at the end of 2019 allowed VROne to experience some of the latest advances in VR technology. 

In addition, they were able to experience the Virtualizer ELITE 2, which is the most advanced VR locomotion device available today. 

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the Virtualizer ELITE 2, Tuncay Cakmak, Cyberith’s CTO, was interviewed. 

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 interview video

Exactly who is behind Virtualizer Elite 2?

The Cyber With Kickstarter campaign launched in 2014. In the intervening years, the company has grown to employ seven people. 

In reality, the Virtualizer was a business-to-business product, not the consumer product promised.

According to Holger Hager, CEO of Cyberith, they originally planned to bring the platform to the mass market so Virtual Reality enthusiasts could play VR games, but were not able to do so and are instead focusing on professional and B2B markets. 

The cost of making a product for consumers would be in the thousands, which was not economically feasible. 

They assured VROne that the project was still ongoing, noting that it was just extremely delayed. According to Hager, the Virtualizer will be available as soon as possible to backers. 

Since Kickstarter campaigns are basically crowdfunding platforms, backers may become irate if the product doesn’t meet their expectations.

What has Cyberith improved over its original Virtualizer?

Walking is now effortless and natural thanks to the Virtualizer Elite 2. Powered by two electric motors, this motion platform moves. 

As a result, the user can walk more easily, and walking becomes easier for everyone as a result. As a result of the feedback received from the first virtualizer, CYBERTH has listened carefully to feedback.

It was initially difficult for users to walk on the first virtualizer. To become proficient, some people had to undergo a lot of training. 

It was much more difficult to walk on the first generation than on a typical street. 

As a result, Cyberith developed a second-generation Virtualizer that aims to mimic real-world walking as closely as possible. 

As the user walks forward, the platform rises in front, making walking easier and mastering the platform easier. 

With the improved angle, the user no longer has to push their hips forward to start walking. Therefore, the experience is much easier to use. 

Moreover, you can adjust the inclination angle to suit your preferences. The experience can be tailored to suit the user’s size, weight, height, and age, for example.

How does the Virtualizer Elite 2 work?

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2
Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

It was the first treadmill in the world with a motion platform that made virtual walking easy. Using a button, individuals can customize their walking experience.

The Virtualizer baseplate is equipped with six optical motion sensors. A person’s walking speed and direction are tracked by these devices. There is an exceptional frame rate of 1000 Hz in Virtualizer Elite 2. Fast tracking and precision are ensured.

Additionally, the Virtualizer Elite 2 has a rotation sensor on its ring. In combination with the VR headset orientation, this creates a decoupled viewing experience.

On one of its pillars, the Virtualizer is equipped with an optical height sensor. Your avatar will be scaled according to the user’s hip height based on their vertical movements.

Are you using haptic feedback? The Virtualizer’s baseplate is equipped with a vibration unit. While playing a game with this device, the user will feel more immersed.

What About the Kit or VR Accessories?

The harness has been updated as of 2020. Additionally, the harness is easy to use as well as comfortable and ergonomic. 

In addition, it can be adjusted to fit the individual wearing it. Therefore, it is versatile and can be used by anyone.

Over your regular shoes, the Virtualizer Elite 2 includes flexible overshoes. Omni one VR treadmill comes with sized shoes, but virtualizers do not.

You can wear them over boots, sneakers, and even business shoes. They come in two sizes – small and large.

Where can you get a Virtualizer Elite 2?

The Virtualizer Elite 2 is a B2B product, as are all VR treadmills. It is important for the Virtualizer Elite 2 to capture some of those sales, even if the Omni just became available to consumers.

As a result of the physical size, cost, and lack of games available on these platforms, consumers are currently limited.

Cyberith’s platforms are primarily used by universities and research institutions. They are also used for simulation training by emergency services and the military. 

In addition, they deliver them to gaming arcades and entertainment centers. There will be a waiting period for consumers if the product becomes available. 

Virtualizer Elite 2 must become more mainstream before it can succeed in the consumer market, as VR headsets must become more prevalent in most households.

Your Movements on Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2
Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

There is a new system used by Virtualizer Elite 2 that can be useful for everyone. There is no difference in gait between people of different ages, weights, or heights on the platform. 

Furthermore, the VR world in the future will be more smooth and easier to walk in since the system is patented.

As a result of its smoother motion and less physical demand, the Virtualizer Elite 2 allows players to walk longer and sustain longer virtual walks than its predecessor. 

A further option is to adjust the settings incrementally in order to reduce the amount of physical effort required. A great feature of the Virtualizer Elite 2 is that the ring moves vertically, so the player can duck down and crouch. 

Virtual Reality gameplay allows players to pick up objects from the ground. Furthermore, you won’t get tangled. 

A cable guide system is included with the Head Mounted Display, so you won’t get tangled up in cables.

Is Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 safe?

The Virtualizer automatically locks the ring in place as part of its safety features. As a result, it ensures the safety of the user. It is easy to deactivate this system if you need more mobility. 

Virtualizer Elite 2 is suitable for heavy users. It is very sturdy, and the baseplate is extra sturdy, so it can withstand long-term heavy use.

Is the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 suitable for home use?

Yes, the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 can be used in a home setting, but there are certain considerations to keep in mind. The VR treadmill requires a dedicated space to accommodate its platform and ensure safe movement.

Additionally, users should have a compatible VR headset and tracking system to fully utilize the capabilities of the Virtualizer. Regular maintenance and calibration are essential to keep the equipment functioning optimally.

Key Information:

  • Can be used at home with dedicated space.
  • Requires compatible VR headset and tracking.
  • Maintenance and calibration are crucial for optimal performance.

Pros and Cons of Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Compared to its predecessor, Virtualizer Elite 2 offers a significantly improved gaming experience. 

Because of its ease of use, even the youngest of users can use it with very little guidance or training. Additionally, it adapts quickly to different directions and crouches well when needed. As well as rotating very quickly, it also rotates very rapidly.

The lack of availability for the average consumer is an obvious disadvantage. As far as home usage is concerned, you’ll need to attend events or attend arcades to experience this. 

As part of the Kickstarter campaign, Virtualizer was marketed as a consumer product. Compared to this setup, the Omni looks a little more modern. However, a book’s cover shouldn’t be taken too seriously!


Virtualizer Elite 2 is an impressive VR platform that will surely get gamers excited about VR gaming’s future.

It will be interesting to see how the product and company do in the gaming industry. Despite being funded initially by Kickstarter, the company is now completely funded by revenue. 

More and more companies are paying attention to this type of technology, which is encouraging for VR gaming. It should be available on the consumer market soon.

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What is the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 VR Treadmill?

The Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 VR Treadmill is an advanced virtual reality (VR) accessory designed to provide a more immersive and engaging VR experience.

It allows users to physically walk, run, crouch, and perform various movements within the virtual environment.

By enabling natural motion and interaction, the VR treadmill enhances the overall realism and enjoyment of virtual reality applications.

How does the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 work?

The Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 utilizes a combination of innovative technologies to simulate movement within virtual spaces.

Users wear special shoes with low-friction soles that glide on a concave platform. The platform is equipped with sensors that track the user’s movements and translate them into corresponding actions in the virtual world.

Additionally, a harness system prevents the user from actually walking or running, enhancing safety and control during VR experiences.

What are the benefits of using the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2?

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 offers several notable advantages. First and foremost, it significantly enhances immersion level.

This can lead to more realistic experiences, making training simulations, gaming, and other applications more effective and enjoyable.

Additionally, the VR treadmill promotes physical activity while using VR, which can have positive health implications.

Is the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 suitable for all VR games?

It is compatible with a wide range of VR games, but its suitability may vary depending on the game’s mechanics and design.

Games that involve natural movement and interactions, such as exploration or simulation titles, tend to work best with the VR treadmill.

However, games heavily focused on static or seated experiences may not fully utilize the Virtualizer’s capabilities.

What safety features does the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 have?

It prioritizes user safety. It includes a harness system that prevents users from falling while moving within the VR environment.

The harness is designed to provide support and stability, enhancing user confidence during active VR experiences.

Additionally, the Virtualizer’s low-friction platform is engineered to reduce the risk of slipping, making movements safer.

How much space do I need for the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2?

The amount of space required for the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 depends on the specific model and the user’s range of movement.

Generally, a dedicated area of around 6 feet by 6 feet (approximately 1.8 meters by 1.8 meters) is recommended to allow for natural movement, including walking, turning, and crouching, without limitations.

Can I use the Virtualizer ELITE 2 without a VR headset?

It is designed to work in conjunction with a compatible VR headset and tracking system. While some limited functionality might be possible without a headset, the full benefits and immersion of the VR treadmill are best experienced when used with VR headset.

Does This Treadmill require special footwear?

It is designed to work with specially designed low-friction shoes that come with the system. These shoes have soles that glide smoothly on the platform, allowing for seamless movement.

Using other types of footwear might affect the tracking accuracy and overall experience, so it’s recommended to use the provided shoes for optimal performance.

Does ELITE 2 VR Treadmill support multi-user sharing?

The Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 can be used by numerous people, however each person’s size and weight will need to be taken into account. In order to assure precise tracking and a risk-free experience, the virtual reality treadmill often requires calibration depending on the user’s physical attributes.

Is the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 compatible with motion sickness?

Although the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 does not directly address motion sickness, its natural movement capabilities may alleviate some of the discomfort associated with traditional VR experiences.

Those who are prone to motion sickness may find VR treadmills more comfortable because the immersive movements are in line with their natural expectations.

Can I use the Cyberith ELITE 2 for fitness purposes?

Yes, the Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 can be utilized for physical activity and fitness while taking part in VR activities.

The treadmill encourages users to walk, run, and do other activities, all of which can lead to higher levels of physical activity.

Before adopting the VR treadmill into your exercise routine, you should speak with a medical practitioner, especially if you have any underlying health issues.

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