Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 VR Treadmill (Feb 2023)

Virtualizer Elite 2, also known as the “VR Motion Platform”, is a second-generation omnidirectional VR treadmill offering gamers an exciting new VR experience.

It is the second version of Cyberith’s virtualizer which was first released some years ago and has been hyped up considerably since then. 

The VR Walking platform offers VR locomotion. You could call it a virtual treadmill.

Virtualizer ELITE 2 – Second Generation VR Omnidirectional Treadmill

  • Easy to walk
  • Pleasant physical effort
  • Suitable for everyone

Virtualizer Elite 2 VR Running Pad Features

  • Less Physical Effort
  • Fastest Learning Curve
  • Easy Gait for Everyone
  • Updated Harness System (2020)
  • Fits all body heights
  • The Motion Sensors
  • The Rotation Sensor
  • The Height Sensor
  • Crouch & Duck Down
  • Cable Guiding System
  • Vibration Unit
  • Automatic Safety Function
  • Extra Strength & Durability
  • High-Class Workmanship and Materials

Applications of Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

  1. Research and Development
  2. Entertainment
  3. Training and Simulations etc.

What does Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 offer?

Virtualizer Elite 2 allows you to move while playing VR games. You can physically walk around on the platform while interacting with your game virtually. 

In addition to changing directions and speed, you can also adjust your rotation. During VROne’s trip to VR Days at the end of 2019, they explored some of the latest advances in VR technology. 

Additionally, they said they were able to experience the Virtualizer ELITE 2 – the most advanced VR locomotion device on the market. 

To get a better understanding of the Virtualizer ELITE 2, they interviewed Tuncay Cakmak, the CTO, and founder of Cyberith. 

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 interview video

Exactly who is behind Virtualizer Elite 2?

Back in 2014, Cyber With launched a Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the company has grown to employ seven people. 

The public was angry when the Virtualizer turned out to be a business-to-business product and not the promised consumer product.

Holger Hager, CEO of Cyberith, said they had planned to bring the platform to the mass market so Virtual Reality enthusiasts could play VR games, but were not able to do this and instead were forced to focus on professional and B2B markets. 

Making a product for consumers would require a production rate in the thousands, which was not economically feasible. 

They assured VROne that the project is still ongoing, pointing out that it is just extremely delayed. Hager said they intend to make the Virtualizer available to their backers as soon as possible. 

Since Kickstarter campaigns are basically crowdfunding platforms, it is understandable why backers may become angry if the product isn’t made for the audience they were promised.

What has Cyberith improved over its original Virtualizer?

Thanks to the Virtualizer Elite 2, walking is now effortless and natural. This motion platform is powered by two electric motors. 

By doing this, the user can more easily walk, and walking is made easier for everyone. CYBERTH has listened carefully to the feedback it received from the first virtualizer. 

Users initially found it difficult to walk on the first virtualizer. Some people had to go through a lot of training in order to become proficient. 

Compared to walking on a typical street, walking on the first generation was a lot more challenging. 

Towards this goal, Cyberith developed a second-generation Virtualizer that aims to make virtual walking as close to real-world walking as possible. 

Whenever the user walks forward, the platform will rise in front, making walking easier and the platform easier to master. 

As a result of the improved angle, the user no longer has to push their hips forward to start walking. The experience is therefore much simpler to use. 

Additionally, you can adjust the inclination angle according to your preferences. Users can adjust the experience to suit their size, weight, height, and age, for example.

How does the Virtualizer Elite 2 work?

It was the first treadmill in the world to feature a motion platform that made walking in the virtual setting easily. An individual can customize their walking experience by using a button.

Six optical motion sensors are built into the Virtualizer baseplate. These track a person’s walking speed and direction. Virtualizer Elite 2 has an exceptional frame rate of 1000 Hz. It ensures fast-tracking and precision.

Besides the motion sensors, the ring of the Virtualizer Elite 2 has a rotation sensor. Together with the VR headset orientation, this creates decoupled viewing.

Additionally, the Virtualizer is equipped with an optical height sensor on one of its pillars. Detects user vertical movements and scales your avatar based on the user’s hip height.

Do you use haptic feedback? A vibration unit is installed on the Virtualizer’s baseplate. With this device, the user will feel more immersed while playing a game.

What About the Kit or VR Accessories?

As of 2020, the harness has been updated. In addition to being comfortable and ergonomic, the harness is also easy to use. 

Furthermore, it can be adjusted to fit the individual wearing it. As a result, it can be used by all body types and is versatile.

The Virtualizer Elite 2 includes flexible overshoes that are worn over your regular shoes. Virtualizers do not come with sized shoes, as Omni one VR treadmill does.

They’re available in two sizes – small and large, and they can go over boots, sneakers, and even business shoes.

Where can you get a Virtualizer Elite 2?

The Virtualizer Elite 2 is a B2B product, like all VR treadmills. Although the Omni has just been made accessible to consumers, the Virtualizer Elite 2 should also be attempting to capture some of that market.

Currently, the consumer market is limited due to the physical size of these platforms, the high cost, and the lack of games.

The majority of Cyberith’s platforms are sold to research institutions and universities. As well as emergency services and the military, they are also used for simulation training. 

In addition, they deliver them to gaming arcades and entertainment centers. Consumers will still have to wait to see if the product is made available. 

In order for platforms such as the Virtualizer Elite 2 to succeed in the consumer market, VR headsets need to become more mainstream in most households.

Your Movements on Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Virtualizer Elite 2 uses a new system that can benefit everyone. Regardless of age, weight, or height, the platform supports everyone’s gait. 

In addition, the system has been patented too, so users will soon be able to walk more smoothly and easily in the VR world.

The Virtualizer Elite 2 is smoother and less physically demanding than its predecessor, enabling the player to sustain longer virtual walks. 

Additionally, the settings can be adjusted incrementally to reduce the physical effort required. On the Virtualizer Elite 2, one of the great things is that the ring moves vertically, letting the player duck down and crouch. 

In Virtual Reality gameplay, the player can pick up objects from the ground. Additionally, you won’t get tangled. 

The Head Mounted Display is equipped with a cable guide system, so you don’t have to worry about becoming tangled up in cables.

Is Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2 safe?

As part of its automatic safety feature, the Virtualizer locks the ring in place automatically. It, therefore, guarantees the user’s safety. If you need more mobility, then you can easily deactivate this system. 

A heavy user can depend on the Virtualizer Elite 2. The construction is very sturdy, and the baseplate is extra sturdy, making it able to withstand long-term heavy use.

Pros and Cons of Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

The Virtualizer Elite 2 is significantly improved over its predecessor and makes the gaming experience much better and easier. 

With its ease of use, both young and old can use it with very little guidance or training. Also, it adapts quickly to different directions and crouches well when necessary. It rotates very quickly as well.

The lack of availability for the average consumer is an obvious downside. For now, you’re going to have to experience this at events or in arcade setups rather than at home. 

In the Kickstarter campaign, Virtualizer was marketed as a consumer product. The Omni looks a bit more modern than this setup. However, we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!


As a VR platform, the Virtualizer Elite 2 is certainly impressive, and gamers are eager to see what’s next for VR gaming.

A VR platform as impressive as the Virtualizer Elite 2 is sure to get gamers excited, eager to see the future of VR gaming.

I’m curious to see how the product and company do in the world of games. The company is now wholly funded by revenue, despite initially being funded by Kickstarter. 

This type of technology is catching the attention of more and more companies, which is encouraging for VR gaming. Hopefully, it will soon be available on the consumer market.

Visit the Cyberith website for more information

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