BNext VR Headset

Is the BNext VR Headset Worth Buying? (Jan 2023)

BNext VR Headset Rating

BNext VR Headset Review: Watching movies and playing games is more exciting with the BNext VR Headset. It works with almost any iPhone or Android device and supports numerous resolutions. It’s a budget-friendly VR goggle and you can wear them for a long period of time without getting tired.


  • Easy to set up
  • Eyesight protection system
  • Adjustable lenses
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • User friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Universal Smartphone Use
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android devices.
  • Affordable price


  • No controllers
  • Nose pain is possible

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BNext VR Headset: Specs

  • Brand: BNEXT
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimension: 7.5 x 5 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Lenses Type: Adjustable 
  • Screen Size: 6
  • Includes: VR headset, manual, cleaning cloth, centering ruler, spacers

BNext VR Headset: Intro

Multiple industries have incorporated virtual reality in recent years, including gaming, video, and movies. VR devices have undoubtedly become the next step in entertainment with the advancement of VR technology.

There are primarily three different types of VR headsets available. 

  1. Tethered VR headsets
  2. Standalone VR headsets
  3. Smartphone VR headsets

A standalone VR headset is one of the most popular options, as it displays game or video data directly on the HUD (Heads-up display)/HMD (Head Mounted Display).

Mobile or Smartphone VR headsets are cheaper and they use your smartphone as an HMD. As opposed to PC-connected headsets, smartphone VR headsets are not restricted by cables. 

In this review, we will explore the performance, features, interface, ease of use, and benefits of the BNext VR headset and help you decide if it is right for you. As a budget VR headset, this BNEXT VR Headset review is sure to satisfy your interest.

What Is the BNext VR Headset?

The Bnext VR headset is one of the best mobile VR headsets for Kids & Adults. It uses your smartphone for an immersive experience.

The BNext VR headset is a budget option that comes with fewer features than most premium models.

However, it does not require a cable connection, optimization settings, and other app settings for getting the best VR experience. It’s easy to use.

This mobile VR device makes Virtual Reality much more accessible to those without the budget to purchase something like the Oculus Quest 2 standalone VR headset.

This mobile VR device makes Virtual Reality much more accessible to those without the budget to purchase something like the Oculus Quest 2 headset. Let’s explore the features and specifications of this best VR headset.

BNext VR Headset: Unboxing

The BNext VR Headset does not contain many VR accessories, apart from the VR Headset itself. Additionally, the box includes a user manual, a cleaning cloth, and foam square pads for comfort.

BNext VR Headset: Design & Features

BNext VR Headset
BNext VR Headset

As with other VR headsets, the BNext VR Headset features a screen that fits on your face. A high-quality ABS plastic is used to create the VR headset, ensuring its durability. 

Even if dropped, it holds up well. A rubber strap secures the headset to your head. The VR headset has a nose gap to accommodate noses of all sizes.

VR headsets do a fine job of providing comfort. The forehead is covered with a large amount of foam. When paired with heavier phones, it feels a little heavier on the face.

Your headphones can be plugged into your phone through holes on the side of the VR headset. A phone holder is also included.

Although it is a budget VR headset for starters, a couple of unique features make it worth a review. Is it worth the effort? Let’s see why we believe it’s worth your money.

Large-sized lenses

BNext VR headsets feature lenses that are 30% larger than similar headsets in their price range. It allows for easier control of brightness and more depth in the image.

Adjustable settings

A top adjustment knob can be used to adjust the viewing angle of the lenses. In several reviews, users have mentioned external light getting into the headset. If necessary, adjust the headset to fit best.

ABS built quality

A quality plastic body with no sharp edges covers the entire device. Each corner is perfectly molded. Also, it is not too heavy or bulky, making it a great option for kids.

Adjustable Straps

The strap is two-way, so you can fit it over your head snugly. It is necessary to tighten the strap to balance the weight of the headset since the majority of the weight is on the front end.

BNext VR Headset: User-Friendliness

BNext VR headset is extremely user-friendly because it does not require any expertise. A user of any age who has no difficulty using a smartphone can use this device without assistance or hassle.

To adjust the lenses and straps, simply turn the control knobs on the top. Larger lenses help create a better VR environment.

However, taking the phone out while the strap is on presents some difficulties. Be sure to loosen up all the straps before attempting to do this. Using force is strictly unacceptable.

The holding clamps of this device were another problem. This VR headset offers a tray to insert your smartphone, unlike premium models. Ensure that the headset fits properly before you put it on.

You should also consider the space available for the tray. Devices larger than 6.5 inches of screen size will have a much smaller tray.

Even though you may feel challenged by these issues, learning the insertion and adjustment settings won’t be as difficult as you think. It takes some time getting used to the BNext VR headset but it’s very user-friendly!

BNext VR Headset: Performance

BNext VR Headset
BNext VR Headset

The BNEXT 3D VR headset is designed to be a standalone device that you operate only by moving your head. This VR headset lacks controls for playing different games, but then again, it isn’t meant for immersive 3D gaming.

In fact, this device was originally intended to be a standalone 3D headset that could turn your smartphone’s VR content into an immersive experience.

In terms of performance, such devices are measured on two key metrics, light leakage, and comfort, and they do moderately well in both categories.

A few users, however, report light leakage from the temples and nose area of the headband, causing distractions.

Protective foam shrinks after repeated use. With its large field of view, it is comparable to other brands like Gear VR, which boasts a similarly large image.

Aside from these aspects, the quality and visualization of videos and images are affected by the density of your smartphone’s pixels.

BNext VR Headset: Comfort

A VR device puts your entire head under a headset so that you are completely disconnected from reality. As a result, convenience is a crucial aspect of evaluating a VR headset’s suitability.

As this device can be controlled by a smartphone, it needs to be carefully fitted onto the head. It comes with two straps.

They are also incredibly sensitive to light. As a result, the contoured foam serves two purposes. One is to keep the light out.

As a second benefit, it takes away the discomfort caused by the hard structure on your head and nose.

The protective foam layer well covers the contours, enhancing comfort. After prolonged use, the foam will degrade and result in discomfort. A few years from now, we recommend you save up for a more advanced VR headset!

BNext VR Headset Price

The BNext Headset was released in 2017 for $50, already a budget VR headset at the time. These devices are now available for a steep discount from sellers such as Amazon and Banggood. It costs around $22-$30 on Amazon.

There are 3 color combinations available for the BNEXT VR 3D headset – Black and Grey, Blue and Black, and Red and Black.

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How to Set Up the BNext VR Headset?

It’s very simple to set up this VR headset. Manual adjustments can be made without using wires.

Your mobile case or cover must be removed for VR to work. After obtaining a VR device, smartphone, and stable surface, you should follow these steps.

  • Take off the VR headset cover.
  • Pull gently with your fingers to remove the tray-shaped portion of the headset
  • Put your smartphone into the VR headset. The tray can be held horizontally using a clip attached to the tray.
  • Once your phone has been placed into the tray, align the smartphone’s screen’s centerline with the tray’s center mark. It is vital for immersive experiences, as misalignment can significantly affect the field of vision.
  • Placing the tray inside your headset once your device has been aligned properly
  • Wear the headset on your head. You can adjust the head straps to make sure it fits loosely. It is possible to adjust the lenses to get the perfect field of vision.

BNext VR Headset Alternatives

There are many mobile-based VR headsets, and B NEXT is not the only one. There are several devices offering similar and sometimes better features. Some are high-end, others are budget.

We’ve compiled a list of the top budget VR headsets- alternatives to the BNext headset you should consider!

1. DESTEK V5 VR Headset

In comparison to the BNext VR headset, the DESTEK VR headset is the closest competitor. It supports smartphones with screens up to 6.8 inches and provides a 110-degree field of view.

The VR headset even comes with a VR controller for interacting with the VR environment, an essential addition if you intend to play most of the VR games and apps.

A Bluetooth remote controller is also provided for easy operation. It costs just under $40 and features anti-blue HD lights for better eye protection.

This headset costs a bit more than the BNext headset, but you do get a remote control, which allows a whole new dimension of VR interaction.

Although there are more expensive and generally better VR headsets in the market, we strongly recommend this one.


  • Controller Remote
  • Budget Buy
  • Easy-to-adjust Straps


  • VR Quality
  • Comfort

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2. VR Shinecon Headset

We recommend this VR Shinecon bundle that comes with a headset and 3D remote controller. Few VR headsets in this price range allow adjustment of pupillary distances. However, the device is limited to 6.53-inch smartphones.

With the VR Shinecon headset, you also get an anti-Blue light coating, and most of the other features are also available.

This Shinecon VR headset is only recommended for users with not-so-large smartphones, like the iPhone 12 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.


  • Highly Adjustable
  • Better Comfort
  • Budget Buy
  • Bundled-in Remote Controller


  • Poor Build Quality
  • Cannot accommodate large phones

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Best Games for BNext VR Headset

You can find more VR games on the respective app stores, but we have selected some of the most basic games for your experience. Make sure your device has a gyroscope so you can track head movements!

1. Dinotrek

Dinotrek is specifically designed for mobile VR headsets. With this game, you will experience how it would have been to live among extinct animals during the time of dinosaurs.

You can see what’s happening in 360 degrees with this virtual reality game by tracking your head movement. Currently, it can only be played on iPhone 6 and 6 plus and is only available for iOS devices. To download Dinotrek, click here.

2. Rollercoaster

Mobile-based VR headsets are particularly popular with games like Rollercoaster. You can now build roller coasters in the latest version of the game. It is available for Android and iOS. Download here – Android | iOS


How to Charge BNext VR headset?

There are no electronic components in BNext, as it is a standalone device. BNEXT works directly with applications on your smartphone. This device does not require charging. It can be used wherever you are.

Does BNext VR Support Bluetooth?

There is no support for Bluetooth or another electronic interface in this VR headset. Using Bluetooth earphones will provide you with more immersive sound. The BNext VR headset does not cover your ears, and it offers a lot for a small investment.

Can I Wear Glasses With BNext headset?

Most eyewear/glasses can be worn with this VR headset. The lenses on the device are adjustable, so it can be used without any glasses and still provide a clear sharp image

Will BNext Work with iPhone XS Max?

Yes, BNext VR Headset works with the iPhone Xs Max.


It’s an affordable, easy-to-use VR headset. For gamers and movie lovers wanting to experience virtual reality, this VR headset is an entry-level option. Almost anyone interested in VR can buy it due to its affordable price. These VR goggles will make gaming and video watching more interesting and exciting for avid gamers and novices alike.

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