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VR gaming has shook up the video gaming world, allowing the player to feel completely immersed in the action. As the VR gaming technology continuously developing, video games are no longer limited to button presses and joystick movements.

What if, however, things could become even more immersive? What if you could run and jump while wearing a VR headset without worrying about running out of space or getting hurt?

Welcome to the realm of virtual reality treadmills.

VR treadmills and VR running pads are essential VR accessories for gamers who wish to walk or run in position while playing VR games. The trackers and sensors on these gears can detect your movements and steps.

But before you start hopping, skipping, running, and jumping towards virtual reality running pads, let’s learn more about them and the actuality of owning them.

What Is a VR Treadmill?

A virtual reality treadmill, sometimes known as a VR running pad, is a piece of hardware or an attachment for virtual reality headsets that enables users to walk or run in place while playing games. While you are moving around in one location, it monitors the physical movements of your legs and transmits that information to the game.

Benefits of Omnidirectional VR Treadmill

1. It Provide Safety

A VR game can occasionally be so excellent and immersive that you find yourself losing control. You can wind yourself jogging at full speed in real life if you run at full speed in the game! It doesn’t sound like a great way to finish your VR gaming session by crashing into furniture, walls, or your flat-screen TV.

You may perform all those leg actions in one place using VR running pads or omnidirectional VR treadmills. Many of these devices will even prevent you from moving ahead or falling backward in an unsafe and secure manner. Stop crashing into the coffee table anymore!

2. We can do Exercise while playing

Due to how motionless they are as a hobby, video games have a negative reputation. However, you can now workout while playing your favorite games thanks to VR running pads.

Talk on VRChat with your buddies while taking a leisurely stroll. In Half-Life: Alyx, escape evil aliens. With the help of your VR games and treadmill, you choose how you exercise.

3. Greater Immersion

The addition of VR running pads definitely turns the immersion up to eleven even though VR technology in games is already rather intense. Your head and arms are moving. Quite cool. Running in place while moving your legs? Much cooler

So you might want to think about experimenting with VR running pads if you want to make your VR gaming sessions a little more enjoyable and immersive.

4. Using New Technology

VR treadmills are a must-try if you enjoy trying out cutting-edge technology, especially when it comes to virtual reality. 

Being present while a piece of technology is developing or in its early stages is an unforgettable experience because technology is also continuing to advance quickly. Additionally, encouraging it will only result in a future product that is better.

Buying Guide: What to Look while purchasing a VR treadmill?

Already decided to get a VR walking platform? Be ready for the reality of this VR gear before adding it to your wish list.

1. Cost 

There is currently no way around the high cost of VR technology. Spend a significant amount of money if you want the greatest VR running pads available.

2. Space

VR treadmills can take up some room because they are a complete device that can support walking, running, and even swimming in midair. Find out if your game room, bedroom, or living room has a designated space for it.

3. Possible Improvements

The development of VR treadmill technology has already been mentioned. Although it might not seem like the ideal device equivalent to the technology in Ready Player One, lowering your expectations will undoubtedly help.

It’s a good idea to conduct thorough research on the VR treadmill or VR running pads of your choice. In this manner, you will be prepared and aware of its capabilities, restrictions, and benefits and drawbacks.

6 Best VR Treadmill and Running Plalforms

1. Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2
Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Walking and running smoothly is crucial to VR immersion. This is essential to professionals and virtual reality businesses. Cyberith’s Virtualizer ELITE 2 is the best solution for businesses and professionals. 

Cyberith’s second-generation Motion Platform makes walking easy, comfortable, and accurate. 

The 2020 harness system and six optical motion sensors help you walk more easily and correctly. It accommodates different heights and gaits.

It supports walking, crouching, and ducking, letting you use your greatest in-game strategies in real life. Comfortable walks, stealth, and a business-oriented treadmill? Cyberith’s Virtualizer ELITE 2 says yes.

Check it out here: 

Virtuix Omni One

2. Virtuix Omni One

Virtuix Omni One
Virtuix Omni One

Some VR games might engage you to the point where you find yourself moving a lot. And by a lot, we mean a lot on all sides. The Virtuix Omni One’s 360-degree mobility assistance is a blessing.

With the Omni One, you can move in any direction while you walk, run, leap, crouch, kneel, stand up, and even strafe. At 3 o’clock, an enemy? Turn and reload with ease. The approach of zombies? Turn around, walk away, and rush for the door! 

It can easily sustain such movements and will make sure to keep you in position as you move because of its strong vest harness.

Additionally, the Omni One is quite compact when set up, measuring only four feet in a circle if space is a concern for you. When not in use, have it placed or tucked away in a room corner. It may also be folded simply if you need to store it in a closet.

It’s unquestionably building up to be among the best VR treadmills available right now. Pre-orders are presently being opened while they work on it.

Where to get: 

3. KAT Walk C 2+

KAT Walk C 2+
KAT Walk C 2+

There are some significant differences between the KAT Walk C2 and the KAT Walk C2+, despite the fact that both products deliver first-rate virtual reality (VR) experiences. 

The primary goal of the KAT Walk C2 is to provide a VR experience that is both smooth and immersive, but the KAT Walk C2+ adds an integrated haptic feedback system as well as a smart seating posture module for improved involvement within the virtual environment. 

Both of these features are in addition to what the C2 already provides. Choose the KAT Walk C2 for a virtual reality experience that is both high-quality and immersive, or go for the KAT Walk C2+ if you want more advanced features and an even greater sense of immersion.

Where to get KAT Walk C 2+:

4. Infinadeck


The Infinadeck is an unique VR treadmill that was developed specifically for use with virtual reality experiences. Users are able to move in any direction at any speed without coming into contact with any obstacles that are physically there.

The user is provided with a completely engrossing experience by means of the treadmill, which is essentially a treadmill that moves in all directions.

It is made up of a number of belts that move in a circle around the X- and Y-axes; when working together, these belts are able to keep the user centered while they are walking on the treadmill.

The movie “Ready Player One” uses a virtual reality (VR) inspired treadmill like this one.

Where to get Infinadeck:

5. SpaceWalker VR

SpaceWalker VR
SpaceWalker VR

The SpaceWalker VR might be what you’re searching for if you’re exploring VR running platforms. The mono-directional VR treadmill’s changeable trackpad, rounded platform, and supportive waist belt ring allow you to easily move forward and backward on it. 

It can turn 360 degrees, although it is not as omnidirectional as other VR treadmills on this list. The pressure sensor on its track transmits your motions to your VR software, which adjusts its actions. 

You may easily change the speed of the treadmill belt for a brisk jog, a leisurely stroll, or a full-on sprint. Since the device has its own internal joystick and buttons, this is a rather simple process.

The SpaceWalker VR team is a global organization with offices in North Macedonia, Turkey, and the United States. They want to use this in VR classrooms and other settings. 

On their website, you may also locate their SpaceRider and SkyDiver models. If you don’t speak Turkish well, you might need to use Google Translate.

Where to get SpaceWalker VR:

6. Aperium Reality K-01 Pod

Aperium Reality K-01 Pod
Aperium Reality K-01 Pod

Aperium Reality’s K-01 Pod is a sci-fi-themed VR treadmill. The largest VR treadmill has numerous integrated elements. 

Its base station, embedded PC, touch screen display, and operator interface control the VR walking pad. This is 126 inches by 96 inches.

The K-01 Pod’s revolutionary V-Orient innovation lets it accelerate and decelerate the treadmill while balancing the user and maintaining virtual world coherence. 

Even though the track pad is one-dimensional, the K-01 Pod can swiftly reposition the virtual world for the player. This technology makes it omnidirectional.

Where to get Aperium Reality K-01 Pod: 

MarginalVR Final Verdict

Virtual reality aficionados can have a distinctive and immersive experience on a treadmill. Users are able to freely walk, run, and move around in a virtual world thanks to these devices, which enhances the realism and fun of the experience. 

Even though there are a number of VR treadmills on the market, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, they all mark a development toward more participatory and immersive virtual reality. 

We may anticipate even more spectacular and cutting-edge VR treadmills in the future as technology develops. These treadmills will eventually be more widely available and less expensive for users. 


Do VR treadmills exist? 

Yes, VR treadmills are real. They are devices designed to enable users to physically walk, run, or move in various directions within virtual reality environments.

They typically involve specialized platforms, harnesses, or sensor systems that translate your physical movements into in-game actions, creating a more immersive experience.

Is a VR treadmill worth it? 

Your gaming habits and financial situation will determine the worth of a VR treadmill. VR treadmills let you move about in virtual environments to provide a more immersive experience.

When playing games that require running or walking, they can improve the player’s sense of presence. However, they could be heavy, pricey, and take a long time to set up.

Examine whether the improved immersion justifies the expense and space needs.

What is the alternative to Kat VR? 

There are more providers of virtual reality treadmills besides Kat VR. One of the popular alternatives is the Virtuix Omni.

Other good one is The Infinadeck, which is a special treadmill that can be used to walk in any direction. There are many options to choose from, each with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

How much is a VR 360 treadmill? 

A VR 360 treadmill’s price might vary greatly depending on the manufacturer, features, build quality, and degree of immersion.

Basic models could cost as little as a few hundred dollars, but more sophisticated and immersive choices can go into the thousands.

The cost of accessories, delivery, and setup may be extra. Before spending money on a VR treadmill, do extensive research and take your individual demands into account.

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