Best VR Games of All Time

5 Best VR Games of All Time Ever to Play (Feb 2023)

Best VR Games of All Time Ever to Play Now: Now the world of video games is changing drastically. No more are we stuck to just our 2d and 3d options, you can take the video game experience to a whole other level in full virtual reality.

There are lots of different VR headsets out there, along with a ton of new and interesting VR titles. Well, today we’re going to be breaking down some of our favorite VR games and going through some of the features of each to see if it might be something you might be interested in.

VR is truly a unique experience and one that I believe everyone should experience from young to old. There are so many different types of games out there, from high-action and intense games to more casual experiences that can be fun for the whole family.

So if you haven’t checked it out, now is the perfect time to do so. Just a reminder, I will leave links to each of these games in the post. So you can check them out further if you like. And if I do happen to find any deals or discounts on any of them, I will put that down there for you as well.

1. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Best VR Games of All Time Ever to Play Now

So Starting things off, we have the best multiplayer VR game and that’s going to be Star Trek bridge crew. Now, this is a truly unique experience, especially for those of you who are a Star Trek fan. It puts you in the captain seat of the Starship Enterprise, you’ll be able to command the ship and you’ll be able to interact with your friends at different stations in the spacecraft.

It’s an incredibly immersive experience. And as it is a seated game, you don’t have to worry about having too much space in your living room. It can be played on a wide range of VR headsets, including psvr, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive valve index, and Windows mixed reality.

In the game, you are tasked with exploring an unknown sector of space called the trench. If you ever wanted to live out your favorite Star Trek Captain dreams, this is a great option and definitely, a must-buy for you VR fans. Buy Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Amazon).

2. Superhot – One of the Best VR Games of All Time

superhot - Best VR Games of All Time Ever to Play NowNext up, we have the best standing VR game and that’s going to be Superhot. super hot is definitely a unique game, it follows the FPS or first-person shooter game format.

But the way that you move in the game is unlike any other FPS you’ve ever played. Your goal in the game is to gun slice or chop down as many fingers as you can, but they only move when you move.

So when a bullet is fired in your direction it will be completely still until you start moving at which point it will start coming towards you.

And you’ll have to think quick to dodge it and perform your counterattack. It’s a really neat and unique experience and definitely one that you need to check out for yourself. Buy Superhot (Amazon).

3. Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR - Best VR Games of All Time Ever to Play NowNext up, we have the best family-friendly VR game and that’s going to be Fruit Ninja VR. Now Fruit Ninja was a really popular mobile game back in 2010. But this game really brings it up a notch with Fruit Ninja VR.

Basically, your hands become blades slicing through the fruit from all sides, you have to chop as much fruit as you can without letting it hit the ground.

There are tons of great game modes here that will work for any age from six to 60. You can also purchase this game for psvr, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, valve index, and Windows mixed reality. It’s also a standard game.

So you’re going to get a little bit of exercise with your gaming time, which is great. Just make sure that you have the space for it. It’s one of the best VR games of all time ever to play now. Buy Fruit Ninja VR (Amazon).

4. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx - Best VR Games of All Time Ever to Play NowNext up, we have the best VR game for PC and that’s going to be half-life, Alex. Now if any of you out there are HalfLife fans, you know that fans have been waiting for half-life three for a very long time. Now, this isn’t half-life three, but it is still an excellent entry into the series.

In the game, you’ll be playing Alex Vance, who’s on a mission to save humanity from a pervasive alien race. This is definitely one of the best-looking VR games we’ve ever played.

And it’s incredibly immersive. You can play the game standing, sitting, or even using a room-scale. There’s so much to see and interact with within this game you will feel like you are actually there.

Just to note with this one, it can only be played using valve index HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows mixed reality headsets. Buy Half-Life: Alyx (Amazon).

5. Job Simulator

Job Simulator - Best VR Games of All Time Ever to Play NowNext up, we have the best beginner-friendly VR game and that’s going to be Job Simulator. This is such a fun and quirky game that the whole family will love.

It takes place in the year 2015 and aliens run the world and your alien boss is getting on your case, you’ll have to do typical office things like eating donuts, chugging coffee, juggling tomatoes, and of course, operating all of the equipment at your desk.

Trust me, it may sound like just another day at the office, but it’s wacky and tons of fun. It allows you to do all the things that you’ve always wanted to do at your office but didn’t want to lose your job over.

This can also be played using psvr Oculus Rift HTC Vive valve index or Windows mixed reality. It’s also a room-scale game. So it requires roughly six and a half by five feet of playing space.

And basically, that’s just because you’re going to need a little bit of room to move around within your office cubicle. It’s also one of the best VR games of all time ever to play now.

Anyway, guys, that’s a look at some of our topics for VR games. Hopefully, if you’re interested in diving into the world of VR if this was helpful for you, if so please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to our newsletter as I always appreciate that. Buy Job Simulator (Amazon).

10 Awesome & Best Things to Do in VR Other Than Gaming

So there are many things you can do in VR that isn’t specifically about gaming. Gamers, please don’t click away yet! As the things on this list are, I think also enjoyable for you. I’ll even show you how to use PC VR and standalone VR headsets to do anything.

1. VR Instruments

vr instruments - best VR games of all time ever to play now

Did you know that you can play an instrument in VR? This is great because it removes the limit of space needed for some instruments, like a drum set, for example. I mean those are big. In VR, you can just magically make the drums appear anywhere you want and in any size you want.

For example, you can do this in the VR app called Paradiddle, and some people use that app who were able to drum entire covers just using the app. There’s also a piano learning app called VRTuos on Quest, but this one requires a real piano.

Still, it’s cool as it uses hand tracking to teach you songs.I think these apps open up many possibilities, and I am looking forward to seeing one where I can completely learn an instrument in VR. Because I really suck at those.

2. Relax in VR

Now, do you ever feel like a potato after a full workday? I know I sometimes do, and then diving into a VR horror game like Phasmophobia isn’t always top of mind. But relaxing apps in VR could actually rejuvenate me.

For this, you can try meditation in VR, like Guided Meditation VR, or relaxing apps like theBlu. Really, I’m not the type to meditate as my head gets distracted way too fast, but doing it in VR helps with that, and I’m able to think about nothing for a second.

Even if that only lasts for 5 minutes, it helps a bit. In gamer terms, we could say, it’ll feel like you just drank a mana potion.

3. VR Immersive Theater

So something I really loved doing this year was attending a live actor VR show. The one I attended was in The Under Presents, where I had to book a ticket for a specific time slot, and at that time, I had to log in, and then with like 4 or 5 other people, we became part of a theater show based on a Shakespeare story.

We couldn’t talk among ourselves, but we were guided by a live actor who did all the narration. He has the power to spawn objects, put us in different environments, etc. It was only a show of 40 minutes, but it was truly a ton of fun.

The best thing? My friend and I went on separate time slots and we spoke afterward and found out that the show was a bit different per person as it was all improvised.

Unfortunately, they don’t have shows running right now, but keep an eye on The Under Presents or anything else in the immersive theater VR space. This is something I absolutely recommend checking out at least once.

4. VR Cinema or Watching Movies

During these challenging times, it’s not recommended to meet up with friends in real life, so the next best thing would be to do it in VR. Try out Big Screen, where you can now book tickets to 3D movies and watch them together with friends on a big theater screen.

Even in private, it’s like having your own private theater. You can also share your own movies or shows there if you want. And the best thing here? You can lay on the bed or sit on your own comfortable couch; for all they know, you’re sitting there with only your underwear on.

5. VR Concerts

Attending a concert in VR is magical. In real-life concerts, short people like me don’t see a thing. But in VR, you can not only adjust your height, but you can also move closer or have the show all around you.

You have to try it out at least once, and I recommend Wave XR for that. Waves are live, interactive, immersive, and social concerts that allow artists and music fans alike to express themselves and connect in new ways. I’ve seen the Lindsey Stirling show, and it was just something else – It gave me goosebumps everywhere.

6. Working Out

Next, is also one not to miss. At least if you don’t like going to the gym for workouts. Then VR could be a fun motivation to get more exercise. Most games already get you more activity than ever before playing games, but here are some app suggestions that are made for VR workouts.

You got, for example, VZfit or Holofit. Both require a subscription but it gives you access to their app and tracker that allows you to put an exercise bike or even a CrossFit into your VR experience. There’s also the VR Workout app on SideQuest or Supernatural VR. These are all apps focused on working out and less about gaming.

7. Co-Work in VR

Never did we know that in 2021 we work more from home than in the office, and employers are okay with it. But after so many half-dressed webcam meetings (yes, just admit it), you may want to try something else.

More and more VR apps are coming out that allow us to co-work in an innovative way that I believe can increase productivity for certain types of meetings, like brainstorming sessions. Mozilla Hubs, a free VR chat room, is a good place to start.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t need an installation. All you need is to create and share the link for people to join. Of course, do check it out before you start the meeting and look at what features are available to make it the best session possible.

Another app you can check out is Immersed VR, but Virtual Desktop or Big Screen can be options too. Facebook is also coming with Infinite Office, which is going to be interesting. I hope. So I can’t wait to see this evolve over the years, and hopefully, it’ll be a common thing in the future.

8. VR Travel

So this is something incredible. You can visit the whole world from the comfort of your home. With Google Earth VR, you can fly to any place you want in the world and check it out.

It uses pretty basic Google Street View but imagines visiting your old childhood home, maybe that’s on the other side of the world or walking to the top of a pyramid in Egypt.

There are some things you can only do in VR. Google Earth VR is not available on Quest though, but on Quest, you can do this with the app called Wander.

9. 3D Print VR Designs

If you got a 3D printer or you know someone who has one. Then try this. Draw something in VR in 3D, you can use apps like Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch VR, or Oculus Medium. There are many available that allow you to draw in 3D.

And after that, export it to your computer and try 3D printing it. Most of these apps already have the right export settings for a 3D printer. And it is just super magical to design something in VR and then to watch it come to life.

10. VR For Education

So over the years, I’ve been watching a ton of learning experiences in VR, and I’ve noticed that those kinds of experiences stay with me way longer than reading a book. So I think VR is one of the best media to learn.

It actually makes me jealous that I’m not a kid anymore, as I believe all kids will learn with VR headsets at school in the future. But for us right now, there are interactive learning apps available, like National Geographic Explore VR and Anne Frank VR. Or you can watch documentaries, like Traveling While Black.

I think if you’ve tried one of these experiences, you’ll agree with me how much of an impact VR can make in the educational sector.

And we are just at the start of everything. VR, even though it’s been in our lives for four years now, I think we’re still in its early phase. We can achieve so much more in VR, but it just takes more time.

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