VR Accessories

Virtual reality has changed how we engage with digital worlds and immersed us in experiences that merge reality and fantasy. If you own a Meta Quest 2 or other VR headset, you know VR’s fantastic adventures.

But what if you could improve your experience? This is where VR accessories help. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the greatest VR accessories that can enhance your Meta Quest 2 and other VR headsets’ immersion, comfort, and functionality.

Whether you’re a veteran VR user or a newbie, get ready to discover the greatest VR accessories that will elevate your VR experience.

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1. VR Head Strap

VR Head Strap

If you wear a VR headset for a long time, you may feel pressure on your head. Use the best VR head straps that are lightweight and comfortable. It is possible to reduce the pressure on the head without interfering with virtual reality gameplay by using a lightweight VR head strap. 

Because most head straps are made of absorbent, breathable, washable cloth and vegan leather, cleaning up after a sweaty workout, VR session, or gameplay is so easy. There’s a secure fit that keeps everything in place.

The online market has a lot of the best VR head straps for Oculus quest 2, Oculus quest 1, HTC, etc. So, pick one and enjoy the day.

2. VR Treadmill

For a true taste of Virtual Reality Gaming, you should try best omnidirectional VR treadmills if you have more budget. 

Many VR companies are making consumer versions of VR treadmills and they will be released soon. The most popular virtual treadmills include Virtuix Omni One, Cyberith Virtualizer, KatWalk Mini, Spacewalker VR, and Infinadeck.

KatVR was the first company to release an omnidirectional treadmill for consumers called KatWalk Mini.

KAT Walk C Treadmill Running
KAT Walk C Treadmill Running

3. VR Mat

VR Mat
VR Mat

VR mats are a cheaper alternative to VR treadmills. Stay centered and balanced while using VR to avoid hitting favorite things around you. That’s why you need a VR mat. While playing VR, VR rugs can help you stay centered and balanced. 

4. VR Headphone

VR Gaming Headphones for Meta Quest 2
VR Gaming Headphones for Meta Quest 2

Virtual Reality can only be experienced with high-quality VR headphones. By blocking out the sounds of the real world, you can immerse yourself deeper in the virtual world. VR headsets are designed specifically for use with virtual reality, as opposed to standard headphones.

Enjoy VR to the fullest with the best VR headphones that eliminate outside noises and distractions. One of the most fundamental factors to consider when choosing headphones is noise cancellation.

5. VR Earbud

Try VR earbuds if you don’t want to use big VR headphones. Audio quality is improved by earbuds, which are compact devices. Unlike headphones, earbuds fit perfectly into your ears and are smaller and more compact.

6. VR Carrying Case

VR Carrying Case

Lack of suitable storage may result in damage to your VR headset and accessories while traveling? Travel is human nature; we can’t live without it. You may not be able to endure a week without virtual reality if you enjoy it. 

It is possible for VR accessories to be destroyed when traveling without the best VR travel case. For your Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset, controllers, VR glasses, or other virtual reality gadgets, you’ll need one best VR carrying case.

7. VR Ear Muffs

VR Ear Muffs

Have you ever felt that the sound is coming from all directions rather than just one? Do others around you hear it when you play Oculus Quest/Quest 2 or other VR games?

Ear Muffs improve the headset’s sound quality and enhance the sound effect. Your games will be more immersive and beautiful if you use them.

Earmuffs can make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action by reducing outside noise. You can show them to your family and friends. They provide a superb VR gaming experience.

8. VR Powerbank or VR Battery Pack

VR Powerbank or VR Battery Pack

The best VR Powerbanks or Battery Packs can last much longer than a fully charged Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, or other headsets.

For some players, the built-in battery isn’t long enough for a nice gaming session in Rec Room or Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy’s Edge, or to watch an extended media session in Netflix.

A VR Powerbank extends the battery life of your headset by up to double, or even triple.

9. VR Power Adapter

When you lose or break your VR power adapter, or if you simply need an extra one for travel, you should pick one best power adapter. It’s always a good idea to have a backup. 

If you don’t have power, you can’t play, so get one as soon as possible. In no time, you’ll be playing VR after plugging the adapter into the processor and a power outlet!

10. Oculus link Cable

The Oculus Link is one of the best VR optic cables for connecting the Meta Quest VR headset to your gaming PC. 

You can enhance your virtual reality experience with stunning graphics and exhilarating gaming with the Oculus Link cable and software. You can also try a USB-C cable for VR.

To make your Oculus Quest work like the Oculus Rift, you’ll need a PC that meets the VR requirements. Use the premium fiber-optic cable Oculus Link to connect your PC to your Quest.

11. VR Controller Grip Cover

VR Controller Grip Cover

In a virtual reality game, have you ever unintentionally thrown a touch controller instead of a grenade? Among virtual reality fans, this is a very common occurrence. You can avoid this with a good hand strap and VR Controller Grip Cover.

It can be difficult to choose the right VR grip and hand strap. The majority of hand straps are made to fit specific hand sizes. It may be difficult to find the correct hand strap if your hand is too big or too little for the normal size.

12. VR Controller Handle Extensions

You can also use a VR controller handle extender for smooth gameplay. Oculus quest, quest 2, rift, and other controllers are compatible with these VR handle extenders. In VR, they allow the player to hold a light bar in the cut box, which enhances the experience.

You can play with confidence because the protective rope prevents the extension handle from falling out. The area of the extension handle that contacts the palm is made of a high-quality sponge, which is very soft and comfortable, absorbs sweat, prevents slipping, and stabilizes the grip.

13. VR Bumper Protectors

You can protect your controllers from scratches with a bumper and fantastic cages that keep them safe when they fall. VR bumper protectors are great cages to protect your controllers if they fall.

14. VR Stickers

There are so many beautiful VR stickers you can use to decorate your VR headset or controller.

15. VR Headset and Controller Stand

VR Headset
VR Headset

It may be necessary to use a VR stand when you are not using your VR headset, controller, or other VR accessories.

16. VR Charging Dock

VR charging docks are among the best VR accessories. It takes around 2.5 hours for these VR charging docks to fully charge your headset and controllers. Charge your headset and Touch controllers by placing them on the dock.

17. VR Silicone Face Cover

VR headsets can make you sweat after long periods of use. With your headset, you should use an anti-sweat VR Face Cover or VR Face Foam. Your eyes will not be irritated by sweat. With this silicone VR face cover, you will not sweat, you will feel less pain, and you will be able to play without feeling uncomfortable.

18. VR Lens Cover

If you don’t protect your VR headset lenses, they can get dusty or scratched. You should have a VR lens cover for your Meta Quest 2, Oculus Quest, Rift S, or other VR headset. Due to their soft and lightweight materials, most VR lens covers are dust-proof, scratch-resistant, and shock-resistant.

19. VR Prescription Lens Adapters

VR players wearing glasses have difficulty seeing clearly in virtual reality. There are many VR prescription lenses available that can be put over the display to make things more clear. All of them offer the right magnification and vision correction for your eyes. VR games can be played without glasses or contact lenses.

20. VR Lens Anti-Scratch Ring Protector

Keep your virtual reality headset’s lenses from scratching with the VR Lens Anti-Scratch Ring Protector. A silicone anti-scratch ring separates the lenses from the glasses to minimize rubbing.

As the silicone ring expands, it prevents your glasses from rubbing against the lenses. To avoid scratches, make sure the lenses of your prescription glasses are protected when you use your virtual reality headset.

21. VR Headset Protective Shell

VR shells protect your headset from scratches, splashes, small accidents, and dirt. Instead of being concerned about hitting your VR headgear while playing games, have more fun. Moreover, it is easy to clean and made of durable plastic.

22. VR Anti-Fog Cloth

Cleaning your VR headset lens with an anti-fog cloth is a useful VR accessory for everyday use.

23. VR Lens Cleaning Pen Brush

VR Lens Cleaning Pen Brush is great for cleaning VR headsets, controllers, and other VR accessories. Removing all irritants from your headset lens is quick and easy. 

To remove dust from your device, the cleaning brush can bend to reach narrow areas, corners & edges. A professional lens cleaning pen is a must-have if you have many high-end devices with lenses.

Oculus Quest 2, Quest Rift S, Vive Cosmos Elite, Valve Index, HTC Vive Pro, Pimax, Pico VR Headset, PlayStation VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Cameras, DJI Drone, and other optical lenses are all compatible with the VR Lens Cleaning Pen Brush.

24. VR Streaming Device

For a better VR experience, you can also buy a VR streaming device.

25. VR Cooling Accessory

Do you feel hot after playing games with a VR headset for a long time? Have you ever tried VR and felt as if you just hit the gym? Everywhere is hot and sweaty. In my opinion, VR workouts are the best, much less boring than going to the gym.

To get rid of this situation, try a VR Cooling Fan. Otherwise, use a normal room fan or an air conditioner. Cool winds will keep your headset and face cool.

26. VR Cable Management

VR Cable Management
VR Cable Management

If you accidentally trip over a cable, your immersive gameplay can be interrupted. Enjoy hassle-free gaming with VR Cable Management. Using VR Cable Management can make it easier to get fully immersed without having to worry about cables tripping you up.

27. VR Shoes or Cybershoes

VR Shoes
VR Shoes

With Cybershoes (VR Shoes), you can now immerse yourself in your games like never before, walking and running in virtual reality. Once you’re seated in a VR Chair or Cyberchair, you can start your virtual reality trip wearing the Cybershoes.

They are compatible with SteamVR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Quest via Oculus Link, Virtual Desktop, Oculus store games, Windows Mixed Reality, and Pimax. Virtual reality games are compatible with the Cybershoes.

28. VR Tracker

VR Tracker
VR Tracker

VR Tracker allows you to bring real-world objects into your virtual world, such as a wrench, camera, gloves for playing musical instruments, and even your entire body. 

Many VR companies use VR trackers, but HTC Corporation is one of them. On the market, HTC Vive VR trackers are the most popular. 

The best HTC Vive accessories provide a wireless and smooth connection between the Vive system and any attached tools. Enjoy Mixed Reality videos even more by connecting a DSLR camera to the Vive tracker. 

This system allows for virtual production, simulations, and motion capture. A Vive tracker is compact, highly flexible, and easy to attach.

29. VR Wearing Glass/3D VR Glasses/VR Goggles

You should align your eyes with the screen box when using virtual reality headsets to play games or watch movies. Play games, watch movies, and more with HD optimization and 3D gaming support!

30. VR Haptic Gloves

Thanks to patented Force Feedback technology, VR Haptic Gloves enable you to engage in a wide range of new activities, experiences, and gestures in virtual reality.

31. VR Tripod Stand

VR tripod stands are essential for mounting trackers, cameras, and other VR accessories correctly.

32. VR Base Stations

Vive or Vive Pro headsets and controllers are tracked by these base stations. These devices work by flooding a room with non-visible light, which the tracked devices’ receptors intercept and use to determine their location in relation to the base station. 

Different VR headsets and systems place and/or use them differently. They are wirelessly connected.

33. VR Chair

VR Gaming Chairs
VR Gaming Chairs

During long gameplay, you won’t feel comfortable standing all the time. Having the best VR gaming chair can keep you comfortable while playing, which is why it is essential.

Alternatively, if you are wearing Cybershoes, you will also need a VR chair. Sit in the chair and walk or run endlessly in your virtual world.

34. VR Racing Simulator/Gaming Motion Simulator

Virtual reality is great for immersing you in a new experience, making you feel as if you were in the game world. Virtual reality gaming at its best.

If you love simulated racing games (sim racing games), then VR Racing Simulators are the must-have virtual reality gaming accessories for you. Although your room is small, you can drive for as long as you want.

35. VR Guns

Do you want to be a master of the pistol? A VR gun controller is a must-have VR gaming accessory.  The excellent weight balancing control makes FPS games such as Half-Life: Alyx, Pistol Whip, and Superhot feel just like holding a real pistol.

High-quality ABS is used in most of the best VR guns. The gun controller case can also be used as a protective case cover if the controller is dropped or bumped.

36. VR Face Covers/VR Mask

You may experience a sweaty face if you use your VR headset for long periods of time. If you use your headsets for a long time, they will become soiled and dirty. 

If you want to keep your headset looking new every time you wear it, you’ll need a nice pair of replacement disposable face covers. Using disposable VR face covers also allows you to share your headset with family and friends since they can be swapped out whenever a new user puts them on.

Bonus: FeelReal VR mask lets you smell virtual reality. To immerse you in the virtual world, the FeelReal VR mask simulates hundreds of smells.

37. VR Cameras

A virtual reality camera is one of the best tools for creating VR content. Multi-directional stories are recorded in 360 degrees, 180 degrees, or in all directions.

VR content’s length, consistency, definition, and overall quality depend heavily on its purpose, just like flat content made by traditional media tools.

In recent years, a number of great professional-level VR cameras have emerged on the market, boosting production of quality VR content. Earlier these were done by VR headsets.

Many other factors distinguish professional VR cameras from consumer-level cameras besides their high cost and multiple units. The price and strength of professional cameras differ greatly.

38. Virtual Reality Suits

A list of the best virtual reality accessories would be incomplete without mentioning the full-body VR suit. With its sensors, VR suits are capable of tracking the human body’s position and posture in Virtual Reality.

A few of the best VR suits are TeslaSuit, TactSuit from BHaptic, and Hardlight Suit. VR suits use sensors and haptics to immerse the entire body, the lower body, the upper body, or other parts of the body in virtual reality.

The suit simulates touch sensations, physical exertion, roughness or smoothness of objects in VR, weight, heat, and cold sensations, among other haptics, in various parts of your body in a first-person perspective.

These are some of the best VR accessories available today. The list will be updated regularly. Thanks for reading.


As we complete this investigation of the greatest VR accessories for Meta Quest 2 and other VR headsets, one thing is clear: virtual reality is expanding, as are the possibilities.

These top-tier accessories enhance your VR experience and introduce a new level of comfort, immersion, and usefulness that can change how you interact with digital worlds.

The clarity of premium headphones, the freedom of wireless adapters, and the precision of modern controllers are all geared to meet your needs. These items can be your loyal companions for epic gaming journeys, creative exploration, or immersive escapes from the ordinary.

FAQs about the Best VR Accessories for Meta Quest 2 & Others

1. What are VR accessories, and why do I need them? 

VR accessories are additional hardware or add-ons designed to enhance your virtual reality experience. They can provide improved comfort, audio quality, tracking accuracy, and more, taking your VR adventures to the next level.

2. Are these accessories compatible with other VR headsets besides Meta Quest 2?

Yes. Most of the accessories mentioned in our guide are designed to work with multiple VR headsets, not just the Meta Quest 2. However, it’s essential to check the compatibility details for each accessory before purchasing to ensure they will work with your specific headset.

3. How do I install and set up these VR accessories?

Most VR accessories come with detailed instructions for installation and setup. Manufacturers often provide online guides or video tutorials to assist you in the process. Additionally, some accessories might require software updates or adjustments within your VR headset settings.

4. Can I use third-party accessories with my VR headset, or should I stick to official options?

While official accessories often ensure seamless compatibility and support, many third-party options offer high-quality performance at a more affordable price. Before purchasing third-party accessories, it’s a good idea to read reviews and check user feedback to ensure they deliver the expected results.

5. Will using these accessories affect the warranty of my VR headset?

Generally, using third-party accessories should not void the warranty of your VR headset. However, it’s recommended to refer to the warranty terms of your specific VR headset and the accessory manufacturer to confirm this information.

6. Do these accessories require any additional power sources or batteries?

Some accessories, such as headphones, controllers, or haptic feedback devices, may require batteries or charging. It’s important to check the product specifications to know if and how they need to be powered.

10. Where can I purchase these VR accessories?

You can find these VR accessories on various online marketplaces, electronics stores, and the official websites of both the VR headset manufacturer and accessory manufacturers. It’s a good idea to compare prices, read reviews, and ensure the authenticity of the seller before making a purchase.

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