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15+ Best Meta Quest 2 Games for Family and Friends (Feb 2023)

Top 18 Best Oculus Quest 2 Games for Family and Friends: Number 1. ROLLERCOASTER GAMES. I’m just kidding; please don’t start with rollercoaster games. As much fun as it would be putting your friend through that, it will make them motion sick, and they’ll think VR isn’t something for them. 

That’s not what we want because the goal here is to make them VR lovers, too, so they can play with you next time. When showing VR to people who never tried it before, my advice is to start with games that don’t require any in-game walking. 

So games where you stand in one spot or games that scale with your room that allows you to move around in real life. And then slowly we can transition them to a game with teleportation, and after, the mild, intense games. This is how I’ve built today’s list too. So let’s start with the real number 1.

1. Richie’s Plank Experience

Richie’s Plank Experience is my favorite way to show off VR as it quickly shows how immersive VR can be. In this game, you enter an elevator and go like 500 floors up, and once the doors open, there’s only a plank that you can walk on. 

This is where it gets fun; everyone experiences this differently, but almost always, people do not expect it to feel so realistic. I’ve had people freeze up, some scream.

Anyways, if you decide on getting this game, make sure to buy a real plank, because you can clone that into the game, which makes it even more real. You do need some space for this, but trust me, it is worth it. Get On Amazon.

2. Blaston

Then next on the list are more games that don’t have locomotion. Try out Blaston, for example. It’s a competitive slow-motion bullet hell where you duck, dodge, and weave to evade incoming attacks from your opponent on the other side. 

Around you, some weapons randomly spawn, each with their special skills. So it’s up to you to decide quickly and be tactical. You’ll break a sweat for sure, so it’s also a good showcase of how VR can make you stay active and keep people healthy without even realizing it. Get It on Oculus Store.

3. Beat Saber

Talking about keeping active, the two games you cannot miss is, of course, Beat Saber, you know, that game that has you slash boxes on the beat of the music? I don’t think this game needs any more explanation, right? Check On Amazon.

4. Pistol Whip

The same goes for Pistol Whip, another music game, except instead of an arm workout, you’ll get a lot more leg action, which is excellent. You use pistols to defend yourself against enemies that come at you with bullets on the beat of the music. 

This one features more EDM music, while Beat Saber has more different artists. Online, you can give it a listen before you get the game. Which I recommend doing. Both of these music games are fun for parties because you can stream them on TV to get music in the background while others watch with some booze. It’s super cozy. Get It On Oculus Store.

5. Superhot VR

Superhot VR is also one not to miss. This is the Matrix-style game where time moves when you move. Strategize with that, as it’s up to you to defeat the red diamond men. Since the game doesn’t have locomotion, it is super comfortable. Still, it’s one of those games making people feel awesome, so I highly recommend getting this best VR game for beginners. Get On Amazon.

6. Eleven Table Tennis, 7. Topgolf with Pro Putt, 8. ForeVR Bowl

Next, you could try out one of these games that simulate sports games: Eleven Table Tennis for realistic table tennis, Topgolf with Pro Putt for golf, and ForeVR Bowl for Bowling. The last two games do require your friend to move around, but it’s by teleportation, so it’s still comfortable. 

If you’re having a party, the bowling title even has a pass-around mode for up to 8 players, which is a ton of fun. I mean, it’s like having your bowling alley at home. These are the kind of games that people will recognize, and it will usually amaze them that a $300 headset makes it possible for them to do these things at home. 

But I digress. There are a few more chill games without movement I recommend. Pick one of your choosing, depending on what your friend likes. 

9. Open Brush

Open Brush is a free Tilt Brush clone, and it lets you paint in 3D space. This is for the arty, creative friends. It’s free now because Google open-sourced the code instead of shutting it down this year. 

So don’t buy the original version; just get this one available on App Lab. Tilt Brush is one of the first games I’ve tried on a consumer VR headset, so maybe it can do that for your friend too. Get Free.

10. Bonfire

Then I recommend Bonfire for those who like movies. This is an interactive animated short where you’re a Space Scout on a mission to discover a new home for the human race. However, you crash land on a mysterious planet where you’ll meet cute aliens. 

It’s a super comfortable experience as you mostly watch. Yet, there are interactive things to do which showcase the power of VR. What makes this great is the incredibly charming characters that come alive, and it makes you feel like you’re there. Get on Oculus Store.

11. BigScreen Beta

Then continuing the movie lovers category, it’s also fun to show off Big Screen VR as that’s like having a movie theater inside your house. You can watch any videos or movies in 3D or without on a huge screen together with other people or alone. It’s also a free app, and it includes free tv channels. Get On Oculus Store.

12. Moss

Then I think after going through a few of the previously mentioned games. We can move on to games that pose a bit more challenge, like the third-person platformer Moss, where you control a little mouse on a mission to save the world. 

This game makes excellent use of the power of VR as you, as the player, help the mouse out by manipulating the environment. You’ll solve puzzles together. It’s an incredibly comfortable game, yet, so so good. Get On Amazon.

13. Elixir

Let’s also move on to locomotion games; my advice is to start with games that use teleportation as it’s just more comfortable. Start with Elixir; this is a hand tracking game where you become a sorcerer’s apprentice. 

It’s made by Facebook as a demo for hand tracking, so it’s free and short, which is, of course, perfect for showing off VR. I like showing this experience as newcomers usually find it pretty magical seeing their hands tracked. 

As you learn magic in the game, your hands also change colors and into weird things, which is a strange feeling. But strangely, that kind of sells VR when it can make you feel weird. Or am I weird for liking that? Get On Amazon.

14. National Geographic Explore VR

Here’s another magical experience that doesn’t have anything to do with magic, but when I show people VR, there is one request I get a lot, especially from non-gamers. The question is: “Can you just take me to a beautiful place? 

Just something I can escape to” Well, then there is one perfect game for that, which is National Geographic Explore VR. In this game, you set off as an explorer, and you discover two iconic places Antarctica and Machu Picchu in Peru. 

I recommend this one because the developers did a fantastic job capturing the environment realistically and giving it depth. It’s insanely beautiful, and it makes you feel awe when you’re there. You have some freedom to teleport around too, and a guide will explain stuff about the place, so it’s also educational. Get On Amazon.

Once you think your friends are ready, you can move on to a bit more intense games. My advice is to start with these titles first.

15. Creed: Rise To Glory

First, Creed: Rise To Glory, a boxing fighting game with stamina mechanics. So it’s not only about who can drop the most punches, but it requires some gaming skill. Still, it’s able to get a sweat out. People usually get a good laugh when they try to punch virtual people. Just make sure you have enough space for them to reach out as new people typically do not notice guardians. Get On Amazon.

16. The Climb 2

The Climb 2 is a great one as well, as it’s easy to understand. You just climb higher until you reach the goal. There’s a casual mode where you can turn off the more complex mechanics like chalking your hands. I recommend turning this mode on for your friends. Get On Oculus Store.

17. Phantom: Covert Ops

Another great title, in my opinion, that sells the power of VR is Phantom: Covert Ops. In this game, you play as an elite covert op on a stealth mission. All of the game is played in a kayak, so you have to paddle to move around. I recommend having the player seated as it makes it realistic and comfortable. Get On Oculus Store.

18. Five Nights At Freddy’s Help Wanted

Ok, the last title, and you may not expect this. But I think this title is fun, especially if you’re having a party with a group. I’m talking about Five Nights At Freddy’s Help Wanted. Let me explain. 

First, it’s an easy-to-understand game. It has no locomotion; most of what you do in-game is look around while doing easy tasks like pressing buttons. It’s a fun game just to pass around and play without any explanation to see who can get through the levels without screaming. 

I’ve played this game at a party with friends before, and we had such a great laugh, so this is why I’m recommending it! Get On Amazon.

Extra Tips When Showing Best Oculus Quest 2 Games for Family

That’s it for the list. Getting people into VR isn’t easy; there’s just so much more to consider than flat gaming. I’ve done it for four or five years now, and I have kind of a specific method now. 

So I wanted to share some last tips. When you are just handing the controllers over, make sure you create a guardian first, then walk out of the guardian and give the headset to the one playing. This way, the passthrough is activated when your friend wears the headset. 

So they can still see you, and it’s easy to give them the controllers. After you strapped them in, help them move inside the guardian as it will look like they just entered a portal into a new world. I love doing this as people find this magical. Usually. 

Then one more tip for your non-gamer friends, they usually don’t know the mapping of the controller. They won’t know what a joystick is or what the trigger button is. So make sure before you give them the headset, you show them what buttons there are on the controllers first. 

If you’re showcasing VR, especially to women, you have to make them feel safe too. I mean, when they wear the headset, they become very self-aware that people can see them, but they can’t see others. So always say out loud when you’re going to touch them to move them around or something else. Do not surprise them. 

But once you know they are good tho, you can move on to your favorite intense games. Like, I like to show off The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners. Now you made your friend a VR enthusiast. Congratulations. I hope they will buy a VR headset now so you can play together.

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