Meta Quest 2 Family Games

Virtual reality (VR) was once presented as an unimaginably futuristic form of technology, but its expansion has captivated the gaming community. 

The Meta Quest 2, formerly known as the Oculus Quest, has provided gamers with a vast array of genres, ranging from puzzle to role-play to horror to simulation, establishing themselves as a dominant competitor.

While the industry is still in its infancy, Meta Quest 2 has unquestionably improved their overall experience, granting players co-op compatibility, the opportunity to meet new people, and a multitude of accessories to enhance their immersive quests. 

However, these selected vr party games are a blast to play whether with companions or alone.

The 18 Best VR Games For Family, Friend, Parties, and Events

1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber

This rhythm game is one of the easiest VR games you can play with a friend. Beat Saber is a very enjoyable game that is appropriate for both kids and adults. It requires you to maintain your focus and hit the obstacles as they come your way. Anyone using a VR headset will be enthralled by the explosive sights and exciting musical tracks.

As you attempt to maintain the pace, this game puts your timing and tenacity to the test. And when you tire of it, you can give it to the following family member. The hip in grandma is not that ancient.

2. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip, a beloved game by Cloudhead Games, is based on mobility in order to succeed. With its debut release in 2019, Cloudhead Games set out to tackle the more physical aspect of VR.

Pistol Whip prides itself on rhythmic missions, frequently having the player shoot to the beat of an incredibly catchy soundtrack. The game draws inspiration from the film industry, such as the combat sequences and shoot-outs from the John Wick franchise.

Even if the game’s complexity rises as players advance through it, the setting created by Cloudhead Games completely immerses the user in a VR experience, which is supported by the availability of a wide range of game options.

Pistol Whip confirms its status as a party staple on the Meta Quest 2 whether you’re testing your abilities with pals, listening to the wide variety of EDM (electronic dance music) performers, or experimenting with the dual-wielding option.

3. Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale

Cook-Out A Sandwich Tale

Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, Resolution Games’ 2020 release, delighted foodies. This beloved classic offers an open multiplayer experience for up to four players in a magical woodland where they must execute meal orders for unique customers.

Resolution Games’ culinary game is unique in that players must prepare, manage, and complete meal requests while also defending their kitchen from angry creatures who want to ruin dinner. Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale is chaotic, wacky, and very cooperative, making it a party must-have for Meta Quest 2 players.

4. ForVR Bowl

ForVR Bowl

In 2021, ForeVR Games released the critically praised ForeVR Bowl, proving that sports are essential to party games. ForeVR Bowl lets people play competitive or recreational bowling in stunningly unique lanes. Simulation games are becoming more popular.

ForeVR Games focused on immersing players in real-world scenarios, distinguishing themselves from other titles. Players can listen to their favorite music on a YouTube-powered jukebox and take selfies with an in-game camera, demonstrating their clever attempt to mix reality and fiction. ForeVR Bowl provides a glimpse into the future of VR, making it a must-have for Meta Quest 2 party games.

5. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew

To fulfill objectives in this game, you will need to collaborate with your teammates. You take on the role of the crew of a Star Trek spacecraft, which you must manage while completing missions. You have the option of playing as a captain, tactical officer, or engineer.

You’ll marshal your troops in a cooperative effort to fire on the opposing ships and repair the damage they cause when they counterattack. Your family’s Star Trek fans will be ecstatic to board a Starfleet vessel.

6. Resident Evil: Biohazard

Resident Evil Biohazard

Because Resident Evil Biohazard’s VR experience is not for the faint of heart, it might be a fun game to introduce to your family’s anxious grownups. Even the entrance itself may be both entertaining to observe from the sidelines and terrifying to go through while donning the headset.

After receiving a note from his wife Mia three years after she vanished, Ethan Winters travels to Louisiana in this Resident Evil game to search for her. You can find out if you and your loved ones are as brave as you think by playing this game. Have fun speculating about which of you will have the guts to confront the Baker family and the horrors that abound in their house.

7. Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels!

Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels!
Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels!

Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels by Resolution Games, which made a successful debut in 2019, combines aspects from mobile and VR gaming to create a hysterically funny title. Up to eight buddies can jump onto their smartphones as rebelliously cunning squirrels, savagely tasked with stealing the precious nuts, while one player is ready to defend the golden acorns as an ancient oak.

Seven original settings make up this multiplayer VR experience, all of which feature a beautiful woodland scenery. However, given the multiple special powers the evasive squirrels possess, it is understandable why this party game may become very competitive.

Despite having a rather straightforward goal, Acron: Attack Of The Squirrels offers fantastic social interaction whether playing competitively or not, making Resolution Games’ game a necessity for Meta Quest 2 owners.

8. Job Simulator

Job Simulator
Job Simulator

You might not want to spend your break playing a game that mimics the experience of working. The chaotic gameplay and bizarre art style of Job Simulator, though, make it a lot of fun to play with friends. Try out several vocations, such as a gourmet chef, a store clerk, or an office worker, and discover who can execute them the best.

Serving customers and preparing meals are examples of jobs related to your employment that require manual labor. This game has a particular charm due to the unpredictable personalities of the robot monitors you interact with.

9. Spaceteam VR

Spaceteam VR
Spaceteam VR

If Star Trek: Bridge Crew had a more lighthearted attitude, Spaceteam VR might be similar. Play locally with up to six other players to complete challenging objectives and navigate your ship across space.

As you enjoy your time in space, try your communication abilities by interacting with the robot buddies that are roaming the ship. Stay away from danger and have fun while things are difficult.

As you work together to avoid danger, you and your family will undoubtedly become closer.

10. Astrobot Rescue Mission

Astrobot Rescue Mission
Astrobot Rescue Mission

This platform game, which is free with PlayStation VR, is an excellent introduction for people who may not have used VR before. You take on the role of a lone Astro Bot on a search quest to find his friends who have been dispersed throughout the cosmos.

As you progress through the levels, it can be challenging to see the stranded bots. It can be a lifesaver to have your family watch to call them out, and it doesn’t hurt to have the added support when dealing with difficult supervisors.

11. Moss


Everyone in the family can enjoy playing Moss Moss. You can play as Quill the mouse in this charming puzzle game as she goes on a journey to save her uncle and faces off against vicious and nasty foes.

The player enters Quill’s world by turning the pages of a book in a library. Despite being a single-player game, the fantasy setting makes it enjoyable to watch. Any age can enjoy the scenery and narrative, while younger players might discover Moss to be a new favorite.

12. Panoptic


Panoptic in some ways represents one of the most difficult tasks faced by parents when running a household: keeping tabs on their children. The idea is straightforward: one VR user controls a massive mask in the sky, while the other needs to slip past a complex building without being noticed.

The objective is to ascend to the top of the building before the enormous mask can tell you apart from the NPCs with similar appearances.

All the excitement of a hide-and-seek game is condensed into a stylised setting and a far lower time commitment in this game. A few rounds of this with family members switching roles will undoubtedly produce a fun and naughty game night.

13. Walkabout Mini Golf VR

Walkabout Mini Golf VR
Walkabout Mini Golf VR

There may not be a greater family activity than playing a round of mini golf, Walkabout Mini Golf VR but is there one? Organizing a round of the tiny back nine is undoubtedly more difficult if your uncle relocates across the nation. But don’t worry; Walkabout Mini Golf VR offers the solution.

This virtual reality game of mini golf is exactly what it says it is. Yet it provides a more sophisticated experience. One of the more realistic virtual reality experiences is provided by vibrant, stylish environments and responsive putting controls.

The best part is that it has internet multiplayer, so you can play without Grandpa. You can all take part in a small-scale adventure if you gather your intended players. One of the best VR games for families already exists: Walkabout Mini Golf.

It’s also one of the best and easiest Oculus family games to find, having both an online multiplayer option and a high ranking on the Meta/Oculus Quest store. Aside from that, it’s amusing to see your father’s avatar lose it over a bogey because the pagoda got in the way.

14. Pupper Fever

Pupper Fever
Pupper Fever

Pupper Fever will make people laugh and be hysterical. Put on a performance for friends and family with countless puppets and props. Tell stories and play charades until the sun sets. With this straightforward yet entertaining gameplay, the possibilities are unlimited.

With local multiplayer, you may collaborate on creative projects and even stage performances with another headset.

15. Waltz Of The Wizard: Natural Magic

Waltz Of The Wizard: Natural Magic
Waltz Of The Wizard: Natural Magic

Do crafting potions and talking skulls sound like fun to you? Waltz of the Wizard: Since you are given wizardly abilities, Natural Magic contains both of these features and more. Cast spells in a colourful world that feels real while holding the power of magic in your hands.

The experience is noteworthy for its intricate setting, unique characters, and challenging puzzles.

16. VR Giants

VR Giants
VR Giants

VR Giants delivers a more cooperative, although perhaps much more difficult, experience compared to the previous entry. Another ‘big guy, little guy’ scenario requires a small platforming person and a VR-controlled golem to work together to accomplish a variety of tasks. The enormous golem is capable of moving barriers, lifting large bricks, and even picking up the tiny person.

The effort of teamwork is where this game’s true magic lies. Nobody knows one another as well as family, right? We should have no trouble communicating with one another, right? What does it matter if your aunt is unable to define “yeet me”? The fact that you’re spending time together is what matters. Put the human viewpoint on TV so that the entire family can try to come up with solutions.

17. Ballista


Ballista is all about protecting fortresses in a fantasy world that is being attacked by relentless evil. You must overcome obstacles with your steadily expanding army of followers by using physics. This game is ideal for some entertaining, lighthearted action fun that everybody may enjoy.

If you want a charming fantasy experience, this game is a great place to lose yourself with its dragons and magic wands.

18. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

In 2015, Steel Crate Games released Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, a thrilling game that will thrill risk-takers. Players must work together to defuse a detonator in this challenging game.

Fans of this suspenseful title are thrown into chaos by VR, whether sitting in the deactivation seat or clutching the manual to shut down the time-ticking explosion.

This puzzle party game is thrilling, but only the defuser can see the bomb, restricting those communicating the manual. This pressure-filled title puts players on edge, apprehensive, and full of adrenaline, resulting in hours of nonstop fun with friends on Meta Quest 2.

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