Top Rated Meta Quest 2 Games

As soon as you purchase a Meta Quest 2, you should go out and buy at least one of the top games available for the system. The Oculus Quest 2 headset is an excellent entry point into VR gaming despite the fact that it tries to do too much. Because of this, we continue to rank it as one of the best virtual reality headsets we’ve tried.

What’s great about the Quest 2? Games like Quest aren’t your only option. Connecting to a VR-ready gaming PC or gaming laptop with the Quest Link cable and D-Link VR Air Bridge (available separately) allows you to play a broad variety of the best VR games through Steam VR, including the fantastic Half-Life: Alyx.

Given the plethora of possibilities, we thought we’d compile a list of the top Meta Quest 2 games currently for sale and play.

1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Saints & Sinners provides what we never expected from a game based on The Walking Dead, which has perhaps the best design and user interaction you’ll find in VR. With tremendously exciting physics-based gameplay that has you battling undead hordes and putting all of your effort into every swing and stab, this game raises the bar for VR zombie games and the entire genre.

This isn’t simply a pointless sandbox, though. You walk through the ruins of New Orleans in the Saints & Sinners VR campaign, which is packed with action. One of the most complex native VR games on the market may be made much deeper by include human foes, side quests, and the ability to kill zombies with a spoon.

Saints & Sinners is at the top of our lists of the best Oculus Quest games and the best Meta Quest 2 games because to an absurdly outstanding port from the creators Skydance Interactive.

2. Unplugged

Even in our camp, there was a great deal of skepticism about whether Unplugged could succeed. You play a game like to Guitar Hero in which you strumming chords that are timed to the beat.

The Quest version of the game, however, solely depends on hand-tracking and does not require you to keep a plastic peripheral in your hand. Despite certain technological issues, we believe it to be a great solution.

Unplugged is a genuinely inspiring air guitar experience that will have you shredding with the best of them when you hit a streak, and it’s only gotten better with time as the technology advances. Additionally, frequent updates from the game’s creators, Anotherway, keep adding new songs to the already fantastic tracklist of rock classics.

These factors readily justify Unplugged’s prominent position on our list of the top Meta Quest 2 games.

3. Demeo

Demeo is by no means a flawless table game. But it’s a really fantastic one, and more significantly, its excellent four-player multiplayer VR experience gives it a truly social event-like vibe that no flatscreen game, and even very few VR games, have ever really equaled.

Sessions can run anywhere from a few minutes to several hours due to the game’s harsh difficulty. You choose a character and battle through randomly generated dungeons. Demeo established itself as one of the top Meta Quest 2 games very immediately after release, and it has only become better with new features.

Players now have access to a variety of additional campaigns, including Curse of the Serpent Lord, Reign of Madness, and more, thanks to free upgrades from Resolution Games.

4. Pistol Whip

When Pistol Whip first came out, it was the new kid on the block, but regular updates and fresh material have made it one of the best and most fashionable arcade rhythm games available. In our opinion, Pistol Whip’s beat-based, fast-paced gameplay is even more mesmerizing than Beat Saber.

In this neon-lit shooter, you move down hallways while shooting evil people to ominous music, dodging incoming fire, and striving to score the highest by firing precisely on time. Pistol Whip, which skillfully combines the rhythmic and cinematic into a throbbing, bright monster of its own, aims to teach you John Wick-style gun-fu in contrast to Beat Saber, which wants to turn you into a dancing Jedi master.

Pistol Whip is now one of the most enjoyable and complete arcade games accessible on Quest thanks to Cloudhead Games’ ongoing support since the game’s initial release.

5. Superhot VR

Even after more than six years, Superhot VR is still unquestionably one of the best illustrations of how VR can open up completely new gaming worlds. It is one of the older games on this list. Time only moves in this cinematic shooter when you do. Sitting still will cause the environment around you to become frozen, yet moving your body will bring it back to life. Your own personal Matrix simulator.

The game’s approachable design, which immediately takes up on a professional slickness you won’t find elsewhere in VR, is what makes it such a lasting hit. The game consistently delivers unmatched joy with its action, whether it be last-second gun grabs or strategically timed knife throws. Superhot VR is still one of the top Meta Quest 2 games out there; definitely a sequel is long overdue.

6. Resident Evil 4 VR (Quest 2 & Quest Pro)

Although we had our misgivings, Resident Evil 4 not only made it through the transfer successfully but also turned out to be one of the finest Meta Quest 2 titles. With a first-person perspective and complete motion control support, this is an exact version of Leon Kennedy’s most well-known zombie adventure.

Yes, several aspects of this game, like the simulated cutscene screens, aren’t very durable. However, it’s difficult to care when you’re up against a wall and facing a horde of foes. This is a great way to revisit an old favorite.

7. Beat Saber

Virtual reality’s poster child fits in perfectly on Quest. In Beat Saber, you aim to master an ever-expanding library of great tunes by slashing them to the beat of the music while avoiding obstacles and staying out of harm’s way.

Beat Saber is a thrilling virtual reality game that will have you begging for more. It was a success at its 2018 release, and it has continued to grow in popularity ever since, with the addition of numerous paid DLC music packs featuring songs by popular musicians like Queen, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, The Weeknd, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boy, and many more.

8. Little Cities

When it comes to virtual reality (VR) city simulator games, Little Cities easily tops even Quest 2. It precisely reduces the formula to a targeted strategy that places an emphasis on design-based municipal management. The flow of your city will be decided not by selecting options from a list, but by how you arrange the highways, important services, and other features at your disposal.

The fact that Little Cities manages all of this while maintaining a deep awareness of smart VR design puts it near the top of the list. Everything in the game is optimized for and intuitive within a virtual reality headset. Everything about it is thoughtful and pulls you in completely.

Little Cities is beautiful and appealing enough that it can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of whether or not they like city simulators. The game has received multiple updates since its initial release, such as the Attractions Update, Sandbox Update, Snowy Island downloadable content, and more.

9. Walkabout Mini Golf

The game of mini golf is one that seems tailor-made for virtual reality. For this, you need look no further than Walkabout Mini Golf, which faithfully recreates the game while expanding upon it in ways that are physically impossible.

This has everything you could want in a racing game: a wide variety of courses, robust online play, unique aesthetics for each stage, and, most importantly, accurate physics that are, in some ways, superior to the real thing because they eliminate the countless tiny obstacles that plague real-world tracks.

Extremely difficult to criticize! In addition, the game’s creators, Mighty Coconut, regularly add both free and paid DLC courses to the game over time.

10. Eye of the Temple

One of the better instances of a game built specifically for virtual reality is Eye of the Temple, which is a successful room-scale platformer on Quest.

Starting out in the style of Indiana Jones, you’ll be equipped with a whip and torch as you explore the ruins of a massive temple.  Proceed further within the temple by solving riddles and overcoming platforming challenges.

Eye of the Temple is a true room-scale VR platformer, meaning practically all movement is real, physical movement around your play space, and this is where the game’s brilliance truly shines.

It’s a fantastic introduction to virtual reality thanks to some ingenious design choices that prevent you from ever leaving your safe zone or bumping into your guardian. However, a 2m by 2m playing area is required for Eye of the Temple, so plan accordingly.

11. Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is a great example of the kinds of immersive experiences that can be had in VR and should be used as such. Although it’s not Half-Life 3, Valve has developed a game optimized for virtual reality headsets; yet, the gaming industry behemoth didn’t anticipate a massive uptick in demand for the product. 

If you want to see what can be accomplished in virtual reality with sufficient resources, go no farther than Half-Life: Alyx. Christopher Livingston gushed over Half-Life: Alyx’s scenery, interactivity, plot, and more on our sister site PC Gamer. 

Even though it’s not technically a Quest 2 game and it’s not on the Oculus store (which is still named the Oculus store despite the name change to Meta), you can still enjoy one of the best virtual reality games ever made by connecting the Quest 2 to a gaming PC using the PC connection cable. This is why we think Half-Life Alyx is the best Meta Quest 2 game out there.

12. Population:One

Meta’s exclusive VR Battle Royale game, Population:One, may look flashy, but it’s far too inventive to be written off as a basic Fortnite clone. You and two other teammates will be dumped into an enemy zone and tasked with surviving there as long as possible by scavenging for weapons and supplies. Numerous weapons and architectural options are available. But the highlight of Population:One is undoubtedly the revolutionary vertical fighting system that is its hallmark.

You can climb everything you see. As teams battle for control of strategic heights, the fighting tends to get rather heated. Using a wingsuit from above allows you to zip into battles and zip around the map with ease. The system as a whole is novel and exciting, bringing something fresh to the battle royale genre. 

The Quest 2’s mobile chip does admirably in supporting a game of this scope and complexity. Developer BigBox VR is continually releasing new live events to keep the game feeling fresh, in addition to the tight controls, immersive settings, and exciting gameplay loop already there.

13. The Climb

Virtual violence can get tiring. The Climb, Crytek’s VR game, helps. The developer of Far Cry and Crysis made a great free-climbing simulator that swaps weaponry for “oh wows” from players. CRYENGINE lets you hang from cliffs from the Alps to the American Southwest.

All courses in the game are difficult and demand proper gripping. Each elevation has various pathways with vistas and valley views. Rank up and buy new gear after climbing. Failed runs get terrifying plunges.

The Climb is visually and physically stunning. The Climb is a physically demanding getaway from the mundane.

14. Onward

Onward’s no-respawn 5v5 competitive gameplay is more like Rainbow Six: Siege than Call of Duty. Reloading requires chambering rounds, creating a military-like experience. Onward shines on the Quest 2 more than any other VR headset without wires. 

Cutting the cable frees you to dive into cover and crouch in Onward’s dozen official maps without anxiety. Many community-made maps keep the game fresh. Each setting is detailed and has lots of cover for furious firefights. Combat stress narrows vision. Interacting with all your gear is amazing.

Reloading Onward’s over 40 guns takes emptying clips and chambering bullets. Loading and chambering clips into sidearms or bullets into shotguns and revolvers takes time. You always carry a health injection syringe, radio, and tablet. These tools revive downed teammates and contact colleagues too far for proximity chat.

15. Iron Man VR (Quest 2 & Quest Pro)

In 2022, Iron Man VR, which had previously only been available on PSVR, swooped into Quest with a number of significant upgrades. Although the PSVR version of Iron Man VR was hampered by technical issues, the Quest version is an entirely new animal.

Gameplay is more immersive than ever thanks to the elimination of loading screens and the adoption of a cordless, wireless system. In a story-driven campaign, you’ll take on the role of Tony Stark and his suit of armor in exciting and engrossing battles and exploration that will leave you craving more.

16. A Fisherman’s Tale

One of the top Meta Quest 2 games, A Fisherman’s Tale is a challenging puzzle game unlike anything else you’ve played. In A Fisherman’s Tale, you work… with yourself to solve complex problems based on a sliding scale. The game’s best puzzles involve a scale replica of the lighthouse’s interior.

If you take the top off the model, you can watch a miniature version of yourself mimic your actions. As you hand yourself huge objects or reach down to poke your own head, try not to lose your mind.

To put it mildly, it’s an adventure. With its short length and snappy gameplay, this VR game will remain with you for far longer than the average multi-hour saga.

17. Among Us VR (Quest 2, Quest Pro)

The Quest 2 viral hit from flatscreens is expertly translated into virtual reality by Among Us VR. Top-notch VR design and the immersive nature of virtual reality make this social whodunit feel both familiar and fresh in comparison to the traditional cinematic release.

You can play with pals who are using other virtual reality systems, such as PSVR 2 or PC VR. In July of 2023, a new terrain called Polus Point will be added for players who can’t get enough.

18. Eleven: Table Tennis

Eleven: Table Tennis is the best virtual reality (VR) option if you’re looking for a realistic simulation of a sport. The most believable representation of a sport that makes perfect sense in VR can be found in this simulation-level game.

The physics in Eleven function how you’d expect them to, whether you’re dishing out or receiving hotshots. It won’t be long before you’re tapping the ball with your controller as naturally as if it were a paddle.

Eleven is more than just a fun virtual reality game; it’s one of the few experiences of its kind. That’s how fantastic it is; in fact, it’s up there with the best Meta Quest 2 games and the best Oculus Quest games.

19. Star Wars: Vader Immortal Trilogy

Vader Immortal isn’t a vast Star Wars saga with skill trees and in-depth combat that lasts for hours on end. In the grand scheme of things, its running time of just over 90 minutes is extremely short for a video game. But if you scratch the surface, you’ll discover an engaging episodic series whose goal is to make virtual reality (VR) fun for everyone.

Both the tale and the fantastic Dojo mode feature enjoyable lightsaber combat, but the highlights of Vader Immortal are found when you meet other characters and get to bask in the presence of the Dark Lord himself in virtual reality.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to practice storytelling in real life. So, it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a game, but not far enough for us to leave it off our list of the top Meta Quest 2 games.

20. Tentacular

Tentacular is a puzzle-physics sandbox where you play as a Kaiju-like squid and work around La Kalma. Your unstable tentacles, which reach beyond your hands, cause many pleasant accidents in the game.

The thin tip of your tentacles is unsteady and gives you less control over an object, while the thicker part closer to your torso is stable but lacks precision. Tentacular’s movement and interaction with things is intricate, and mistakes are always your fault. Physics hits the perfect balance between elasticity and precision.

Tentacular isn’t a AAA title, but its pieces make it special. This game shows that VR doesn’t have to be life-sized to be convincing.

21. Moss: Book I & Moss: Book II

Moss and Moss: Book II are different games, yet they flow into each other. Book II picks up the story minutes after Book 1.

Moss was one of several 2018 games that showed third-person VR can be some of the best content on the platform. You guide a cute mouse named Quill through diorama-sized levels, solving puzzles and sword-fighting scary creatures.

Moss’ main draw is Quill’s bond with you. As you help the small protagonist overcome hurdles, you bond with her. It feels like a joint effort—a great sensation.

Moss: Book II is a stronger, longer sequel, although it feels more like a continuation than a new adventure. However, it adds new fighting mechanisms and offers more environments and panoramas than the first game. Moss: Book II is not accessible on the original Oculus Quest.

You’ll bond with Quill throughout both games. Moss is worth watching.

22. Green Hell VR (Quest 2 & Quest Pro)

Green Hell was a PC and console flatscreen survival game. In 2022, Incuvo (after Creepy Jar) delivered the experience to VR headsets with a catch.

Quest 2 and PC VR have Green Hell VR. Green Hell VR Quest 2 differs from the PC VR version. Green Hell VR on Quest 2 maintains the same plot beats but streamlines the game to meet standalone VR’s constraints.

However, this isn’t bad. Despite losing some depth and duration, it’s still a challenging survival game that fans will appreciate. It’s simpler yet still focused on VR interaction and physicality.

23. Red Matter 2 (Quest 2 & Quest Pro)

Red Matter 2 is a fantastic science-fiction adventure and one of Quest 2’s most visually spectacular titles.

After creating a similarly breathtaking experience with the original Red Matter, the developers of this sequel doubled down on creating a compelling and visually stunning science-fiction game. The gameplay is sluggish, with an emphasis on environmental puzzles and sporadic combat. Some of the puzzles become increasingly frustrating as the game progresses, but the gorgeous sci-fi vistas and environments make up for the intermittent gameplay and pacing issues.

24. Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game

This VR roguelite spin-off from Fast Travel Games takes place in the same world as Paradox Interactive’s strategy game Stellaris, and tasks players with navigating diorama-style stages while commanding a starship from the third-person perspective.

You will have to battle foes, meet both hostile and friendly species, and explore planets, all while gathering experience and scraps to improve your ship for the current run and future runs. Ghost Signal is without a doubt the most impressive example of the roguelite genre that Quest has to offer.

25. Ultrawings 2 (Quest 2 & Quest Pro)

The original Ultrawings was a fun flight simulator with easy-to-learn controls and challenging missions that required ability to complete. This gameplay is taken in Ultrawings 2 and vastly enhanced.

If you’re dedicated to obtaining gold in every assignment, there are more than 50 hours of content here, but unlocking every jet and airfield will take a sizable amount of effort.

In addition, the game contains a ton of different mission types, from races to direct combat, and each of the five vehicles adds a fresh twist to the gameplay.

Marginal VR Final Verdict

The Meta Quest 2 has transformed gaming by providing a variety of highly regarded experiences that may be tailored to suit different tastes. These games redefine immersion with their pulse-pounding action and perplexing riddles.

The Meta Quest 2 gaming industry is always developing and has boundless potential. So be ready for some memorable adventures; the Meta Quest 2 is waiting to be discovered. Have fun playing!


1. What are the Meta Quest 2 games?

Games for Meta Quest 2 are fully immersive VR experiences created just for the Meta Quest 2 headset. These games provide a distinctive and intriguing gaming experience by immersing players in captivating virtual worlds through the use of cutting-edge technology.

2. How do I find the best top-rated Meta Quest 2 games to play?

You may look through reviews, VR forums, and online gaming platforms to find the finest Meta Quest 2 games. These resources give you information about the gameplay, aesthetics, and general quality, enabling you to make wise decisions.

3. What types of games are available for the Meta Quest 2?

The Meta Quest 2 offers a wide variety of game genres, including action, adventure, puzzle, simulation, and more. You can find games that suit your tastes, whether you enjoy exploration, strategic play, furious combat, or narrative storytelling.

4. Are these games suitable for beginners to virtual reality?

Yes, a lot of the Meta Quest 2 games are made with novices in mind and are accessible. These games frequently have simple controls, tutorials, and a gradual increase in complexity to make it easier for new players to get used to the virtual reality gaming environment.

5. Can I expect these top-rated games to push the boundaries of VR technology?

Absolutely. The top-rated Meta Quest 2 games are renowned for advancing VR technology. The rich worlds, amazing visuals, lifelike interactions, and inventive gameplay mechanisms they produce enhance the overall gaming experience.

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